my Moon - tune in your life with the moon and lunar cycles, recommendations and suggestions for each phase of the moon

my Moon - tune in your life with the moon and lunar cycles, recommendations and suggestions for each phase of the moon

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With myMoon you'll know at any moment in which phase is the moon and you will be given advice based on it.
You'll know, for example when is the best time to cut your hair or to make a tint, or when to plant various types of plants in your garden, or when is the best time to start fasting and cleansing diets.
myMoon is a real guide based on the influences of the moon and the ancient wisdom of the people from the country.
In addition you will have a Lunar Calendar by which you can know in advance what phase the moon will be a date in the future, or at what stage was in a date in the past.
In the section "Advises" you can run a search on any subject and you will be given advices for every phase of the moon.
But that's not all! myMoon can also perform as an alarm function, you can set up to 9 alarms simultaneously and choose between 8 different tunes.
You'll also be able to set various parameters such as the scenario in which the moon will be shown, the music for the alarms and the number of seconds between the various "moon advises".

▷ Display moon phases of each day, indicating the age of the moon and the current phase
▷ Dozens and dozens of tips for each day of the lunar cycle
▷ lunar calendar that shows the age and phase of the moon at any time in the future and past
▷ Section "Advises" where you can do a keyword search based on a specific phase of the moon
▷ Up to 9 Alarms
▷ 9 different night scenes: Woods on the sea, town at night, Tropical Beach, Himalayas, Colosseo, Paris, Pyramid, Maya, Las Vegas
▷ Choice of 8 songs for alarms (music created by us with … moon mood!)
▷ 3 languages: Italian, English, Spanish (the application automatically detects your language)
▷ Universal App: for iPhone and iPad

What's New

What's New in Version 4.5:
- We have added a tridimensional effect to the night scenes, try to move the device and watch the moon ...
- We have improved the graphic for devices with iOS 7.
- We fixed some minor bugs

What's New in Version 4.3:
- We added the ability to set alarms directly by the lunar calendar, this way you will not miss the most important events like a full moon or a new moon.
- We added the ability to set if you're in the northern or southern hemisphere of the world and the moon image will be displayed accordingly to it.
- We've optimized the app for iOS 7, now it recognizes the operating system and displays images that are optimized for the system you are using.
- Fixed minor bugs

What's New in Version 4.0:
- We implemented the algorithm for moon phases calculation, now is much more accurate and reliable!
- We added a monthly lunar calendar that will give you the phases of the moon for every day of every month in the present, in the future and in the past.
- We fixed some minor bugs (there's always something to clean and make the app better and better)

What's New in Version 3.6:
- Resolved a bug in section "Advises" (thanks to our user Nicola for reporting the problem)

What's New in Version 3.5:
- Optimized for iPhone 5
- Graphical improvements
- Minor bugs fixed

What's New in Version 3.0:
- Application transformed into Universal App, optimized for iPhone and iPad
- Added a section where you can search for advices on various topics according to the lunar phase
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Small graphical improvements
- Added shooting stars

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