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Magic Meditation: White noise ambience and brainwave entrainment

Magic Meditation: White noise ambience and brainwave entrainment

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Magic Meditation is an app that will give you a personalized meditation assistance. This app will help you meditate by making your mind calmer and more focused. To achieve this mind state Magic Meditation uses atmospheric music tracks which can be enhanced with ambient nature and other sounds. Many of us live in a very urban environments where it's hard to concentrate. When using Magic Meditation you will be able to cut out external distractions and achieve a better meditation experience.

Want a better meditation experience? Get Magic Meditation.

Brainwave entrainment made easy!

✩✩✩ How does it work? ✩✩✩

Magic Meditation uses isochronic tones - a pulsing sound added to the background of a recording. These tones helps bring your body/mind into a more relaxed state. Available meditation programs are effective while listening through speakers or headphones. Listen to beautiful relaxing melodies and let isochronic tones work their magic in the background.

✩✩✩ Features ✩✩✩

✓ Ready for iPhone 5
✓ Intuitive interface
✓ 8 entrainment programs for meditation
✓ 12 calming melodies to choose from
✓ 28 soothing background sounds to create your personalized meditation experience
✓ High quality Retina graphics
✓ Multitasking support, play your favorite melodies while using other applications
✓ Timer system
✓ Mix ambient sounds together with different volume settings to create your personalized meditation sounds.

✩✩✩ 8 Entrainment Programs ✩✩✩

➜ 7Hz Zen Meditation
➜ Coffee Break Meditation
➜ Low-Alpha Meditation
➜ Mid-Alpha Meditation
➜ Theta Meditation
➜ Delta Meditation
➜ 7.83 Shumann Meditation
➜ Deep Shumann Meditation

✩✩✩ 28 Ambient sounds ✩✩✩

♪ Birds ♪ Piano ♪ Cat ♪ City ♪ Clock ♪ Crickets ♪ Dolphins ♪ Fire ♪ Forest ♪ Frogs ♪ Heart ♪ White noise ♪ Monk ♪ Music box ♪ Night ♪ Rain ♪ River ♪ Space ♪ Submarine ♪ Thunder ♪ Train ♪ Cave ♪ Water ♪ Whale ♪ Wind ♪ Wind ♪ Chimes ♪ Jungle

✩✩✩ Various ways to use ✩✩✩

* Listen to atmospheric music with isochronic tones playing in the background.
* Add background sounds to create a personalized meditation sound.
* Listen to background sounds alone.

Most advanced brainwave app - isochronic tones changes their frequency according to the wanted meditation results. It is proven that isochronic tones are much more effective than binaural beats.

Get this personalized meditation app and enjoy a rich selection of calming sounds, let your mind drift off...

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us at any time: We would love to hear from you.

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