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Kukio Workout App

Kukio Workout App

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Welcome to the Kukio Workout App!

A perfect combination of the latest training techniques. These workouts will change the way you think about fitness. Prepare to be hooked! Challenging, safe, fun, and as effective as it gets!

This App turns your iPad into the ultimate circuit-training program. Your app comes with 4 full body workouts, as well as stretching and mobility workouts:

Each gets progressively harder. Completing them in order gives you well rounded, balanced results.

Each Workout Includes:

•A Prep and Activation Map to warm up with.
•A Workout Map of exercises (with reps) playing simultaneously and grouped into 3 easy to follow rounds.
•Close Ups of each exercise with audio and graphic tips.
•Cardio Intervals that you’ll complete between rounds.
•Body Maintenance Map with foam roller, Stick, and stretching movements you’ll use for cool down.

Why this App?

1. Our Presentation.

Learning exercises is visual. Every workout and exercise is demonstrated using the
FitMap signature design., FitMap Motion – visually stimulating, sharp, crisp HD graphics with floating imagery in near-3D layering. Along with easy to understand audio and graphic tips, FitMap Motion captures the biomechanical nuances of every exercise.

2. The Workouts.

• Circuit style, moving you from one exercise to the next with little to no rest. You’ll put on lean muscle mass, while burning a ton of calories.

• Never boring. Each workout is a challenging mixture of strength, endurance, and cross-training exercises designed to train your entire body. Every workout has a focus. Some are strength based, others endurance, others cross training based. A typical round of exercises has multiple training styles ranging from core to linear strength / body building, Pilates, functional and combination movements, agility & balance, plyometric (jump) training, even interval training.

• Balanced and smart. We created a huge digital library of over 300 exercises that range across all training styles and intensities. Every exercise from our database was carefully selected and ordered to create the most effective, balanced workouts that build from level to level. We've done the thinking for you.

Exercises in each round are carefully selected to balance the body throughout the workout. Each round of exercises has push (chest), pull (back), leg (hips, glutes and quads), and core exercises that challenge individual muscle groups along with entire chains of muscles working together to create movement and stabilization. It's how your body was designed to move.

• Challenging but safe. Muscular imbalances only turn into injuries over time, so we're serious about form. Exercises in our program build on each other and get harder with each workout.

So whether you want to train to put on some muscle, or simply trim down, this app will get you on your way to real fitness. You’ll get strong, very strong, the right way. It's "Full Body Fitness, From Heels to Hands."

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