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Convert the units of measurement KJoule in Kcal and vice versa.

We did not want to make a simple converter, but something unique!

Calculate faster than ever, is just perfect.
New design idea to make you concentrate on the result.
Never miss a calculation, immediate saving.
Find your calculations always with descriptions incorporated.
Share your conversions to those who need it.

Product designed to be more than just a converter,
but open up new horizons to the functionality, versatility and sharing.


In biology and nutrition the large calorie or calorie food is indicated by Cal or Kcal. It is used to indicate the average energy intake of any food per unit of mass (per 1 gram, or per 100 grams of food).

Nowadays, almost all foods have a certain table on the packaging, with the average caloric intake, expressed as Cal (with a capital C) or Kcal, calculated for single serving of that food and/or for every 100 g of that food . Although the energy value of a food and the consumption of energy during physical activity are still often shown in Cal or Kcal, the International System of Units adopts the Joule (symbol J) instead of the calorie and kilojoule (symbol kJ) instead of the big calorie.

Hence the need for the direct conversion Kjoule - Kcal.


Just start typing numbers. That's all.
The App will convert the number entered for both KJoule and calories on the fly.
You can save the calculation and find it on file with the label you gave.
Share the calculation so you can help someone who needs it.


Convert KJoule in Kcal and vice versa
Save the calculation
Stores the calculation
Share calculation by email
Shake to reset
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