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iSmoothRun is the best App to effectively track and log all of your running, walking, hiking, cycling and any other fitness activity you like. Solid performance. Continuous development. Best sensor and external display support.

The best stand alone Apple Watch app, with configurable pages and solid performance that puts to shame any sports watch.

Best Interval and workout editor to help you follow your training plan. Create any workout based on HR, HR Zone, Pace and let the app pace you. Workouts are available on the Apple Watch too! Even Power based workouts are supported for powermeter footpods or cyclists.

Programmed by runners. Used by coaches. Check out our user reviews.

- GPS and Pedometer
Using both the GPS and Pedometer iSmoothRun literally follows you in every step of your training. It will automatically switch modes depending on GPS signal strength.

- All day step tracking for iPhone 5S/6/7/8 users

- Listen
Accurately tracks time, distance, location, pace, altitude, running cadence, heart rate, power and reports them with audio announcements at configurable time or distance intervals.

- Improve you running Form
iSmoothRun will consistently track your running cadence. Use the build in metronome to easily raise it. Cadence tracking is offered for all iPhones and not only 5S.

- Auto Pause
Stopped at a traffic light, or on the top of your climb to catch a glimpse of the view? iSmoothRun will pause and start automatically as soon as you are on the move again.

- The most extended support for sensors
All BT Smart sensors (HRMs, footpods, speed/cadence combo, cycling power)
Support for Stryd and Milestone Pod advanced footpods (custom metrics like Contact Time, Form Power etc are supported too)
All ANT+ (extra hardware needed: 4iiii Viiiiva )

- Your data are yours, Don't lock yourself in.
We love being open. Export your training data in GPX,TCX,KML,PWX, or CSV format. Connect and share your workouts with the most active running communities, Dailymile, Runkeeper, Nike+, Runningfreeonline, Garmin Connect, Strava, sportTracks, Movescount, MyFitnessPal, 2PEAK and TrainingPeaks. Post to Facebook and Twitter. This is the most connected app, period.

- Intervals? We love them too
Powerful interval editor will let you define, in an easy way, all of your interval/structured workouts. iSmoothRun will then coach you during your run. Support for Heart rate zones.

Are you into Run/walk training? Great. Now it's easier than ever to set your timers and enjoy all the benefits of the best running app.

- Track your Shoe mileage
Every runner knows that tracking the mileage of his running shoes is essential. Now it's easier than ever.

- Enjoy
Swiss design. When it comes to design only the best is good enough.

- Check your workout statistics
Average pace/speed, cadence, total distance, time, average/maximum heart rate and climb. Splits and interval statistics. Graphs for pace cadence heart rate and altitude.

- Your iPhone is your training log
All your data stored in the device. Amazing customizable graphs for each run and for weekly, monthly loads. Follow closely your training load, train smarter and avoid overtraining.

- Lose weight
Track your caloric expenditure for both running, walking and cycling taking into account activity type, weight, gender and slope or heart rate if available. Track your weight. Connect it with your withings or Aria scale.

- We love Cycling too
Pair it with any cycling sensor, combo, speed only or power meter. (ANT+ sensors need extra hardware).

- Ghost Run
Race against a previous run of yours or a predefined pace. Get motivated, evaluate your training.

...and much more!

** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
**iPod touch users are advised to use an external sensor, GPS or footpod.

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What's New

Fixed bug affecting HR Zone Cues
Fixed bug related to missing metrics on Apple Watch (%HR max, reserve, split pace, interval countdown timer)
Fixed bug related to missing message codes MXPWR, and AVPWR
Fixed bug that affected audio cue settings for activities other than "Running"

What's new in 5.8.0
Stand Alone Apple Watch App

For the iSR Phone app:
Support for the Custom Metrics of the Stryd Power meter ("Contact Time", "Vertical Oscillation", "Form Power", "Leg Stiffness")
Support for the Custom Metrics of the Milestone Pod ("Stance Time", "Foot Strike", "Leg Angle", "Rate of Impact")

The Apple Watch Stand Alone iSmoothRun is finally here. Leave your phone at home, run only with your watch and enjoy iSmoothRun.
The Apple Watch app can know operate in two modes, either as a display for the phone app "Watch + iPhone", or as standalone recording device "Watch Only". You have two customizable screens with three metrics each, on both modes.
You select the recording mode after you force touch the screen and tap "Start".
You can also set: "Activity type" (Running, Cycling etc), "Workout" (Free or any of the custom workouts created on the phone), and the "Shoes" that you use for mileage tracking of your shoes.
During workouts that app will pop up a notification screen at the start of each interval with information about the forthcoming interval. An info screen with interval statistics will pop up at the end of the interval. These pop up screens are dismissed automatically after 15 seconds.
There is a pop up screen with statistics at every split (Mile or KM depending on user settings).
All these pop up screens/notifications will also vibrate the watch and emit a sound. You are advised to not have the watch in silent mode, as vibrations are not strong enough.
The run is transmitted to the phone and saved as soon as the watch connects to the phone and the watch iSR app becomes active.

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