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Buddha Box ™ HD

Buddha Box ™ HD

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* This version of Buddha Box ™ is designed to run on NEWER devices such as iPhone 5, 5s & 5c, and iPad 2nd & 3rd gen, ONLY. If you have an older device, such as iPad 1st gen & iPhone 3G, 4, 4s, please see our FREE version, "Buddha Box ™" on the iTunes store *

*This update is a wide-screen rebuild for support of iOS7, iPhone 4" screen, "Retina display" and also full iPad support!*

*This is a "Universal" app, made for both iPhone & iPad"*

* What is "Buddha Box ™" ? *

Buddhist Chant Machines are small, portable sound machines containing a number of different Buddhist chants, given out at Buddhist temples throughout the world. They are intended for use when it's just not possible to get to a temple, or if you just wanted to chant/meditate on the go. Each box usually contains either two or more chants, they particularly contain, "Amituofo" & "Namo Amituofo" (Chinese for Amitabha Buddha.)

Being Buddhist myself, I found myself wishing I had my Buddhist Chant Machine with me at times I had either forgotten it, or the batteries were dead. Being an iPhone owner, I decided to make an app that would allow me to have my very own personal "Buddha Box ™" with me at all times!

This "Buddha Box ™" contains...
• 9 beautiful "boxes" that represent actual boxes, in an array of colors.
• 36 images of "Zen" to meditate too, which include images of the Buddha, Tibetan temples, the Himalayan mountains, Zen gardens, and much more...
• option to play a relaxing slide-show of all "Zen" images
• 39 different chants, "Amitabha", "Namo Amituofu", "Om Mani Padme Hum", Tibetan singing bowl, & Tingsha Cymbals, Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa, and many more!
• each chant is clear, CD quality
• each chant will play endlessly, with no interruption
• you can time your meditation/chanting with the meditation timer
• "fade out" option, to fade chant/song option at timer end
• "gong alert" option to play Tibetan gong at timer end
• volume control
• AirPlay enabled!
• all controls can be hidden with a simple "swipe" to show only the "Buddha Box" style you choose!

* Please read the "Help" section in the app for further instructions *

- About Amitabha Buddha name Recitation -

Recitation of the name “Amituofo” is a way to purify our minds, our thoughts and our environment. When our minds are serene and compassionate, our living environment will become tranquil. The benefits from this kind of thought wave is amazing, able to neutralize the turbulent thought waves even from others’ greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance.
And everyone can benefit from this recitation regardless of religion.
Everyone can take part in Chanting for Peace anywhere, anytime...
... just turn on the Buddha Box ™ and chant along with it!


What people are saying about Buddha Box:

"The Buddha Box is a beautiful and practical enhancement to my meditation practice. I highly recommend it."
- Marion Rollings, PhD, Buddhist practitioner

"I have been a meditator for years and have been looking for something like this for ages.
Glad to see there are programmers out there putting there thoughts to methods of improving our minds."
- Cameron

Thank you for your application, A MI TUO FO."
- Li Bingxian

"I bought a copy of your Buddha Box software for my iPhone and I love it!"
- Greg Lim

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What's New

- 3 NEW chants !
-medicine buddha (short) 1
-medicine buddha (short) 2
-medicine buddha (long)

These chants were added from user requests! If you would like a chant added, please email me, I will add it to the next version!

thank you for all you input, everyone....
Amituofo to all...

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