Brain exercise 365

Brain exercise 365

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Increase your brain power with Brain exercise 365.

Simple calculation is very helpful for activating your brain.

This is based on Uchida-check sheets.

According to many reports, this is much better way than computer games or complicated calculation to stimulate the brain.

power of concentration improvement
memory improvement
studies record improvements

stimulate your brain with "Brain exercise 365" everyday .
In compliance with the brain image research of the newest the calculation which is simple is coming out which computer game or releasing the calculation which is complicated more activates the brain startling result.

----- recommends -----
workers who need concentration
students who study hard
people who often forget something
people who want to raise their memory
Do Brain exercise everyday!
Before studying, before starting a business, in the middle of moving.

----- Explaining method -----
1. add two numbers.
2. write the result below the numbers.(just write last one digit)
3. repeat these until you have last line with one digit.

Example ⑴
3 5 two place numbers which are presented.
V add 3 and 5
⑧ the result 8

Example ⑵
1 3 4 three place numbers which are presented.
V V 1+3 = 4 & 3+4 = 7
4 7 the results.
V add 4 and 7
① the result (the result is 11 but just write last one digit)

Example ⑶
8 4 3 6
2 7 9
9 6

--- tips ---
1. say numbers when you calculate
2. close your eyes after memorizing first line and go out next.

- process is very simple and it stimulates users who are young,old or educated.

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