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You can improve your skin with this application and make your skin more beautiful by keeping a "skin diary". The application is used with the microscope named "Pocket Micro" which has a special function for the illumination with lighting and polarizing for iPhone and iPod touch. Please take a photo of your skin soon after a shower without wearing makeup and keep the record. First, take a magnified picture of skin under your chin which is the ideal skin condition of yours and keep it in the application. This will be the basis of the most beautiful skin of your face. Then save the photo of the highest part of the cheek every day after you have observed it. Since it is most susceptible place to damage in the face, you can see well the condition of the skin in comparison with the picture of skin under your chin. Let's check the conditions of the skin while experimenting with other skin care or cosmetic change , also , resting. The closer your skin becomes to the skin of the ideal, you will know that your skin care matches you.

===== Check of the texture. =====
The texture is different depending on the region of the face. What is your skin age to check from your texture? Regeneration power of the skin is high, so the skin will be better and better with the correct skin care.

===== Check of type of the skin. =====
If you take a picture with the Pocket Micro, you will know type of your skin , normal , dry, oily or sensitive and the degree of them .

You may check whether or not cosmetics match you by taking a magnified picture of the inside of the skin with polarizing illumination of the Pocket Micro.

(You can purchase the Pocket Micro from the support page.)

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What's New

We are reported trouble that one cannot see data which was captured before
due to upgrading.
When upgrading, please do not delete the application.
If the application operates on the background to maintain safety, we recommend you to upgrade
after you will have confirmed that the application is not in operation.
※ Scalar will not admit any liability for the missing data .

The function of remote photography (WiFi, Bluetooth) was added.
* Remote photography requires separately the terminal which installed "remoteView" application.

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