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Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter

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Listen up Ace! There is a fraking apocalypse going on outside! The DEAD, or "Undead" I reckon, are walking the Earth! So quit acting like a pansy, load up, and take out as many of those mother truckers as you can!

This is not your grandfather's Zombie Shooter bucko! Zombie Shooter is only for the strong of heart. Think you know how to take out Zombies? well prove it!!


• Simple TAP TO SHOOT gameplay. Is that easy enough for you junior?

• Two ways to reload, TAP "RELOAD", or snap your iPhone/iPod Touch like a SHOTGUN. So no complaining son!

• Multiple weapons: PISTOL, SHOTGUN and MACHINE GUN. Think you can handle all of that firepower?

• HIGHSCORE LIST through OpenFeint. So now you can prove to the world you got what it takes rook!

• ACHIEVEMENTS through OpenFeint. So you can enlarge that precious e-peen of yours.

• EASY, MEDIUM and HARD difficulty. So your little sister and grandma don't get destroyed when they try!

• RESUME FEATURE. Quit your game and come back to the same spot. Continue at anytime you like. So go have your pee break but make it quick maggot!

Can you make it through the apocalypse alive? Survive the Zombie onslaught? Well show me what you got!!


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