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World War III

World War III

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The year is 2050. Severe political unrest blankets the globe because that ever important commodity of progress and survival, OIL, is beginning to become scarce.Realizing that ownership of the precious commodity is the key to power, one by one, countries stop exporting what they have. Before long, war breaks out as the remaining superpowers work to maintain control of as much oil as they can.

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Choose a side and help your country in World War III.

WWIII is the latest game from SMLSD, developers of the classic Cartel Wars MMOs and the groundbreaking Aeon Wars: 2105.

Join one of the world's surviving superpowers and battle for control of the world.

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What's New

- Forum Crash issues resolved
- Tutorial improvements
- City images issues resolved
- Alliance forums added
- Enabled autocorrect for Forum postings and PM.
- Link to player profile from forum post or PM
- PM on web
- Add Friend feature
- Add to Block list feature
- Player search feature
- Blocked Player management
- Friends list feature
- Allow prestige only hangar is empty
- Extended prestige past level 5 to level 10.
- More challenging to level up after each prestige gained
- Some changes to Create account process
- My Troops issue resolved when accessing directly from the menu.
- Confirmation when buying Elites
- Elite units can now be purchase with Victory Points (VP) earned in battle
- Confirmation when changing country by spending WP
- New Country added
- Added total earned VP and available VP on own profile
- Added total earned VP on other players' profiles
- Changing country within the same alliance system changed
- Changing country to opposite alliance system has been changed
- Change the VP earned for Prestige players
- WAR END - Wars will end when one alliance controls 50 cities.
- WAR REWARDS - are based on VP earned in the current war.
- Alliances shuffled after a war ends
- New TOPS list "VP in current war"
- Limit on Change Alliance - Change Alliance is LOCKED 14 days after start of a new war
- If a player changes ALLIANCE during the war, their lifetime VP total will not change, but the VP earned in the current war goes to 0.
- Deploying army in the city slider values have been reworked to improve the user interaction
- Buy / Sell system on BlackMarket improved

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