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Warblade Free

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** Warblade Free featured on AppStore in "New and noteworthy"
** Warblade Free featured on AppStore in "What's Hot"
** Warblade Free was at #1 on free apps list in Poland
** Warblade Free was at #24 on free Apps list in the USA
** Warblade Free was in the Top 50 chart in 24 countries and in Top 100 chart in 46 countries!!

Warblade is a arcade game with focus on very good playability. It's a shoot'em up type of game like the old classic arcade game Galaga. Warblade is a iPhone/iPod touch remake of my old Amiga game Deluxe Galaga. A very popular game for the Amiga computer and also as Warblade on the PC and Mac. Voted most addictive game by

The Plot : An alien race is invading the earth and you must travel into space and fight the strange aliens to save humanity. That's the very simple plot of the game. The game is made with game play as the most important factor. Fast arcade fun and lots of adrenaline pumping action.

"Im loving this game! Just awesome!!" -

"Warblade – An Awesome Vertical Shooter" -

"I’m pretty excited: the App Store seems woefully short on good shoot'em up games. Warblade looks like it’ll be the best shoot'em up game that the Apple handheld is going to get." -

Some of the games features:

- 25 action packed levels
- Time trial mode with many extra levels!
- Advanced profile system
-- Each user of the game - his or her own profile
-- Record progress through the game
-- Open up locks to turn on new features in the game.
-- Fastest times
-- Highest scores
-- Highest ranks
-- How many secrets found
-- and much more...
- Auto save and load game
- Lots of ranks to play for
- Lots of secrets and features
- Life time support!
- and more...

"From the title screen right up to the end credits, Warblade simply reeks of quality. Great graphics, sublime sound, perfect playability and addictive action!!" - PC Gameworld

"Warblade is a fast paced shooter which combines new ideas and technology with a classic concept nearly every game player has heard of. Simple to learn yet challenging enough to keep you playing for quite some time. More, please!" -

"If you're a true gamer and you miss the good old days when games were about gaming and not about advancing some cheezy storyline, this is the fix you need! Simple shooting bliss to the novice, but with a wealth of tactical decisions at every turn for the advanced player. Sucks you in like a Hoover inside an Oreck" - 9572AD

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What's New

- Added support for MOD music
- Fixed problem with iAd showing when playing a game
- Added better memory saving routines
- Various bugs fixed
- Speed optimizing of code

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