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Brand new Seal "The Fallen Halos" series will appear in the latest version! With the power they hold, they're able to enhance your power and lead the Team. They marks the arrival of a whole new era!

In order to fight the Fallen force, "Keepers of Worlds" series will obtain the ability for Power Release! "Valkyries of Divine Wine" will also obtain ability of "Amelioration", enhancing their HP and ATK, so they're able to continuously support and fight alongside Summoners!

In Version 12.4, new "Coliseum" system will be opened too, bringing new challenges to Summoners! We've also enhanced the display UI and features which will be easier for you to switch between pages and re-battle in certain Stages. In the future, you'll be able to unlock previously released Stages in a mysterious area, so you'll never miss a chance to get the Monsters!

In TOS, you are a Summoner. As a Summoner, you will need to hone your skills in dissolving Runestones, making use of the rewards you gain from battles to collect monsters with mythical backgrounds, and challenging more than 600 stages of different difficulties.

Tower of Saviors is totally free! Summoners are welcome to purchase Diamonds for drawing rare cards, restoring Stamina and extending the Inventory limit, etc.

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Story Background

"In ancient times, humans built the Enochian Tower in an attempt to become gods. Demons from hell took this opportunity to exploit the tower, invading heaven through it. A three-way battle between humans, demons and gods ensued. The gods then destroyed the tower's summit and cast seals on it, closing the path to heaven. Wars continue to rage on earth and mankind is at the brink of extinction. The last hope lies with summoners who can unleash the seals and rally the power of the gods!"


Tower of Saviors Game Features:

* Addictive and fun RPG and match 3+ challenges, with a brand new in-game story mode
* Detailed European & American graphic design that catches your attention
* Over 400 battles with different levels of difficulty
* Included elements of the medieval myth, and 400 characters of the Greek, Chinese, Egyptian and more mythology
* Different battles every day for players to collect specific elements to strengthen the teams
* Brand new battle every week for players to collect more rare monsters
* Limited time for diamond rewards which allow players to have a higher chance to summon the mythology characters

Download this fun and addictive game and challenge yourself now!

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What's New

1. Some known issues are fixed in this version, including :
- Issue related to the use of “Arrogance of Qilin” is fixed.
- Issue related the use of “Leafy Speedy Steps” is fixed.
- Issue related to failure of using “Arrogance of Qilin” and “Promise of Protection – Blaze" at the same time is fixed.
- The display icon of the “Loss Relic Pass Registry” is now shown correctly on the Map.

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