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The Outcast

The Outcast

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The Outcast is a new passive adventure game where you'll explore a vast and dangerous world through a unique story system that unfolds at your own pace.

When you first open The Outcast you'll find that the story cannot progress until you close the game. After you leave The Outcast you'll go about your day. When a new event takes place in the story go into the game and you'll be able to find out what happens next.

How many days will you survive?

This is an experience we want to share with you, our fans, so please join us in building The Outcast by visiting us on Facebook, leaving feedback at our site, and following us on twitter @simplemachinist.

What's new

Our first weekly content update!

Thanks to all our fans who wrote in. We've taken all your feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc and we've put them all on a card and taped them to the wall behind us, that's what we're calling The Outcast HQ. Then we take the most requested ideas and map out the week.

This first week took twice as long due to a bug that kept many of you from truly getting into The Outcast. Our deepest apologies to you, and we hope to make it up to you with this first content update.

On to what's new!

First things first, the bug is officially fixed. No more "rummaging around". You'll now be able to play without the game freezing. We're sure you'll find other bugs, so let us know when you find them.

Choices!! The controversial addition of making decisions that impact your character instead of events being random. Some of you said neigh, many many more of you said yay. Well we added them in. Not all events have choices though, we prefer to test through incremental adjustments, so you'll see that some events now have options to choose from while others still have the original varying outcomes. Do you love it or hate it? Shout it out to us.

iPad users! Many of you purchased The Outcast. You probably noticed the game was not formatted for iPad. Well that's because we only planned to support smaller devices, we honestly didn't think iPad users would enjoy it. Needless to say, you're our fans and you have spoken, so this version is now compatible with all devices, including iPads.

Other small changes. The start of the game now has a more interactive beginning. When your character dies you will not be able to spam extra days. We removed the "You eat and drink" text that shows up at the start of each day. We moved the coin UI to the top of the screen so we could fit the choices. The Simple Machine wedge button in the email button now takes you to a proper welcome screen showing what's happening and what's new.

That's about it. Thanks to everyone for all the support, patience, and love. We are absolutely humbled by your energy and excitement for The Outcast. Please keep emailing us all your thoughts at

Team Simple Machine


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