The Little Crane That Could

The Little Crane That Could

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Driving a crane and operating a crane is so much fun. Improve your spatial skills and solve puzzles in this crane simulator, which is enjoyed by over 19 million people, young and old.

A realistic physics simulation gives you full control over the crane: rotate, elevate, bend, extend and grapple. Use your crane to solve a diverse set of challenges. This crane simulator lets you use mobile cranes, dump trucks, forklifts, skid loaders and even a sky crane helicopter.

The Little Crane That Could features 6 free levels and 22 premium levels (1 in-app-purchase unlocks all levels.)

You can follow me @BramStolk on Twitter. Please consider providing feedback on the game, good or bad. I need to know what you are thinking. There is a button in the HELP screen that takes you to the feedback page in itunes. Also, there is a FAQ now at

If you open the settings of your device, and go to 'Little Crane' tab, you can reverse the controls to mimic real-life cranes where pulling the lever is boom up, and pushing is boom down.

'The Little Crane That Could' is a game by Abraham Stolk, and it uses the OpenDE physics engine.

Open Dynamics Engine is:
Copyright (c) 2001-2007, Russell L. Smith.
All rights reserved.

HUD graphic design by Matthew Beckman, music by

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What's New

* Support 120Hz rendering.
* Support latest phone device.
* Support latest tablet devices.
* Changed lever default: pulling lever down means lifting boom, like real heavy machinery.
* Little Crane finally has a (flexible) rear axle.
* Upgraded to latest Ad SDK.
* Don't attempt to record score is local player is not authenticated.
* Upgraded physics engine: now using OpenDE 0.13.1
* Fresh new colours in UI.
* New launch screen.

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