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Texas Hold'em Poker Shark

Texas Hold'em Poker Shark

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For just a few dollars, you'll increase your online winnings and your chances at the table.

Poker Shark is an odds calculator for Texas Hold'em Poker.

You tell the program your hand (the two cards at the bottom) and whatever common cards are on the board (the flop, turn, and river). Once it has this information - along with the number of opponents dealt in on that hand - it runs millions of hypothetical scenarios in order to calculate your "expected value". Your odds and other calculated information are displayed once you have entered your cards. (You can change a card by tapping the card then picking its rank and suit.)

The expected value is simply your odds of winning and tying compared to your odds of losing. A 50% EV would mean that if you played for an infinite amount of time, you would win or tie 50% of your hands. A 100% EV means that you would always win. A 0% EV means you would always lose.

Success in Poker hinges on your ability to judge your own hand, read other players, and to make betting decisions based upon that data. Poker Shark doesn't help you to read your opponents, but it does free your mind from having to guess or predict your own odds.

Unlike other odds calculators, Poker Shark does not require an internet connection. It does all its calculations right on your iPod or iPhone. Also, it allows you to choose the number of opponents that you're playing against - a handy feature because the number of opponents drastically changes your expected value.

If you want to refine your ability to predict odds, then this a great tool.

If you want to impress your friends in online gambling, then this is a great tool.


Also check out the sister program "Poker Trainer" from Krueger Systems, Inc. - a fun way to improve your knowledge of poker odds for only $0.99. It runs off the same premise as Poker Shark but doesn't allow you to enter your own cards.

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