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Tank Simulator

Tank Simulator

       iOS Universal

A sort of explosive simulation games, for all tank mania fans!

If you like war games coupled with the explosive mixture of tank track clash and the bellow of cannons, Tank Simulator is just for you. You are in control of a tank that approach a firm base. You should go through the dangerous areas and overcome all the obstacles that appear on the horizon. Smash the barriers and complete your mission! Get around to the point of destination within the shortest possible time!

Tank Simulator Game features:

-Different sorts of obstacles
-Realistic graphic and stunning sound effects
-Manageability of your tank
-Different modes

Tank Similator - Become one of the brave tankmans!


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Jul 15, 2014
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タマゴ サプライズ タップ HD
フロー ネオン ライト
フロー ダイヤモンド HD
ベービ誕生日ケーキ HD
マグネチック・コンパス3D HD
モンスターを守れ HD
手指的跳舞 巧克力 HD
文字点結びゲーム動物 HD
正確なストライク 猿
正確なストライク 猿 HD
热带音效混合器 紫罗兰类
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