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Play SQUIBS on your iPhone and take yourself back to a time when games were simple, addictive and fun, and game play was all important! Seven individual games for you to play for the price of one, within SQUIBS!

SQUIBS takes inspiration from the current generation of AAA titles, distilling the game play to its most fundamental form, and re-imagining them with the style and passion of the classic LCD games. With hours of classic fun, like the original LCD game and watch electronic games, but bringing them up to date on the iPhone. The game titles are both homages and parodies of the games which inspired them. We believe that SQUIBS will appeal to both casual game players, but also hard-core game fans, who will recognise the tributes we are paying to their favourite games, and also enjoy the genuine addictive game play to be found in SQUIBS.

Games are played in the traditional LCD way with original stickers, scratches and all! Select your chosen game from the rotating menu, select the optional sound, music and vibration functions, and click on the 'To Game' button to play!

Select your game from the selection of SQUIBS -

Crowd Wader
Forget assassination! Pick loads of pockets! Swipe the Merchant's purse by evading members of the public.

We're Fat
Shigeru wants us to get healthy! To do this – your aim is to avoid the cakes and eat the carrots!

Fantasy Turn Base
Lead your party on the fight against random occurrences! The aim is to live through as many monster battles as you can!

Cardboard Axel Mush
Sneak-em-up in a cardboard box! Sneak past the guards by carefully timing your movements – if they turn round, they will spot you!

Gun Cogs
Clunky apes hiding behind walls. In 200 shades of grey. Collect the Cogs by avoiding getting shot to pieces! Time your steps and use the walls as cover.

Regret the Fist
XE Championship Vs. Alpha IV Turbo": Third Impact. Dodge the enemies attacks!

Call of Honour
Private Generic fights the 10-a-penny Baddies. Survive the maze by moving your gun to the correct point to defeat the enemy and shoot!

All rights reserved, an Andrews UK Limited game.

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• Fixed minor graphical glitches.


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