Spartan Wars: Elite Edition

Spartan Wars: Elite Edition

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***** Spartan Wars — A Multi-Player Strategy Game *****

This is Sparta!!

This epic strategy game based in Spartan mythology has reached the Top10 in over 20 countries! Millions of players across the globe agree that you can’t miss this game! In Spartan Wars, you can:

- Construct a city of your own, collect its resources, and upgrade its buildings.
- Train a destructive army of Spartan warriors to defend against the enemies of the Mist Caves.
- Build an alliance together with your friends and players from all over the world to help each other and take over the world!
- Take advantage of the troop counter system to route huge armies with just enough force in epic battles!
- Make sacrifices to the Gods and benefit from their divine power!
- Defeat your enemies, conquer territory, plunder resources, and become the ultimate ruler!

The lands of Sparta await a brave, wise ruler. So take up arms and fight! Lead your warriors protected by the Gods and defeat all in your way!

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***Download Spartan Wars and get a free Newbie Pack that will help you rule and conquer the world!

What's New

New Content
- Newly added War of the Gods. Compete for supremacy on this server and in cross-server battles.
- The War of the Gods has a new betting function in which you can support your favorite player.
- There have been improvements made to the newly added Defiler units which can use self-destruct to destroy themselves along with 10 random enemy units.
- UI consolidation. The many entrances to the different events are all now neatly placed in a 2nd tier interface.
- The Automatic Guild Chancellor swap will automatically switch the Guild Chancellor if the current one is offline for a long time.
- Added daily events and Misty Caves rewards.

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