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The name tells it all, you have a loaded strap, the Sling Rope to throw Rolly to his destination.

Rolly takes you different places or may be rooms, where you have to use the Slinger to guide him to the door. The ultimate goal is to help Rolly escape through the doors.

What’s the challenge here?

Rolly is very unstable and act perfect with the laws of gravity. He is bound earthwards and can crash to his death. All you have to do is to draw a sling rope that will bounce him in the direction you wish to.

Guide him using the sling rope and he shall make his way to the exit. Slinger is quite a challenging game with superb graphics and physics in action.

Game Features:

1. 20 Superbly crafted levels

2. Amazing challenge

3. Every time you play, the levels are always new

Give it a try and you will get hooked to it.


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Feb 14, 2013
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