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Sir Lamorak's Quest: The Spell Of Release

Sir Lamorak's Quest: The Spell Of Release

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A book about the game - Learning iOS Game Programming

This game has been developed to accompany the Addison-Wesley book called "Learning iOS Game Programming" which is available now. This book details the creation of this game from start to finish and provides guidance on how to create a game on the iPhone platform. The complete source of this game is included.

Rather than present a number of disjointed technologies and techniques, this book aims to provide a complete, production ready game and take the reader through the steps and thought processes needed to create it.

More information on the book, this game and other iPhone game programming tutorials can be found at

You play the role of a young knight, Sir Lamorak, who seeks adventure—as well as fame, fortune, and the attention of the fair maidens in the local village—by proving there is no such thing as ghosts in the long-abandoned Egremont Castle near the Forest of Ulpha.

As Sir Lamorak arrives at the old moss-covered castle, he starts to feel uneasy as though a thousand eyes are watching him approach the main entrance. After jumping down from his trusty steed, Buttercup, his horse turns, snorts, and bolts back to town, leaving our brave Sir Lamorak all alone. With nothing but the wind pushing against him, Sir Lamorak is blown (or sucked maybe) into the large wooden castle doors as they open with a loud creak as the rusty hinges give way to years of neglect.

Slowly, Sir Lamorak moves forward into the main entrance of the castle and peers into the darkness before him. He sees nothing, but can hear the wind moaning through the castle and the dripping of water in the distance. Suddenly a large gust of wind rips through the hallway with a howl, the main doors behind him slam shut and Sir Lamorak jumps forward in panic. He turns and runs to the door grabbing and pulling on the handles, but it will not open. He is trapped.
Standing in the darkness, wondering why on earth he decided to visit this place, Sir Lamorak hears an evil voice through the darkness:

“Only those who can cast the Spell of Release are allowed to leave this place, else you are here with us forever….mwahahahahaha!”

Shaking with fear, Sir Lamorak is now standing in a dark castle and has absolutely no idea what the Spell of Release is, where it can be found, or who the evil voice belonged to. One thing, however, is certain…he is not alone.

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Fixed an issue that caused game music and sounds to stop playing after an interruption such as a phone call or alarm on devices running iOS 4.0 +. Details of the fix can be found on the Learning iOS Game Programming errata page at

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