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Round N Round Pro

Round N Round Pro

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A maze game that’s loads of fun. Some circles, one destination and some lost balls. Want to help them reach it?
All you need to do is steer all the colorful balls in to the bull’s eye of the maze by just tilting your phone!!
Don’t take your focus off any ball or it might just bounce back out from the target circle! Lose your vision for a second and you miss your target!!
And also, bear in mind that the time is ticking……
It’s a stylish and smart skill game of balancing the motion, but certainly not as easy as you might perceive!!
So, Download now to test your balancing skills and endurance.
1.Very smooth & receptive motion
2.Easy & fun
3.Really vibrant and fun User Interface
4.Time attack
5.Social network sharing
6.Change the Background
7.Change number of balls
8.Social media sharing

A totally uncomplicated way of playing, and winning in this game – Just steer the balls to the center of the maze as quickly as you can, and you’ll score higher points!!
You can then choose the level on which you want to play the game, from 6 levels, which are:Beginner, Easy, Hard, Expert, Champion, Balancer.
Each level comprises of 25 games, or we may say, 25 sub-levels. The first 4 levels are unlocked and the last 2 are locked, so you may choose to start your game with any of the first 4 levels. Needless to say, the higher the level, the more will be the difficulty in steering the balls to the center.
Before moving onto a next level, you first have to clear all 25 games of that level.
The highest score a user can achieve in a level (of 25 games) is 300,000. So, for 2 levels, the maximum score can be 600,000 that a user may achieve.
If you cross 400,000 points as your score (by playing any no. of levels till level 4), the level 5 (champion) will be unlocked for you, else not.
Similarly, group 6 (balancer) will be unlocked only when score exceeds 600,000, not before that.
Once you finish a level, you’ll become an achiever. Victory in each level will give you an achievement and an associated title, so as you keep winning, you’ll get higher titles.
You’ll be able to see your achievements from the main home screen as well as on the leader board screen.
You need to have great control over balance and motion if you want to win this. Steering balls (1 to 10) to the center of the maze after passing them through circles (4 to 5) isn’t the easiest task in the world, but it truly is exciting and challenging!! After all, it’s not every day that we get a chance to test our focus, balancing skills and time management, and do it all together, in the form of a game!! The maximum no. of balls can be 10 (Till the first 98 levels). After that, there’ll be 6 balls and one circle will increase.

You can also pause the game anytime if you feel you are losing focus. The clock will stop ticking as soon as you hit pause. You can re-gather your focus, take a deep breath, and can start again by un-pausing.
As you keep winning, expectedly, levels of difficulty will automatically keep on increasing. You’ll be taken to the next level every time you win a level. Hence, it’ll become tougher and tougher for you to take the balls to their destination in quick time to score more. You’ll need to be on the button all the time if you want to score high here!!
On the home screen, you’ll find a “Settings” option. By clicking on this, you will be able to access the Privacy Policy, the End user license agreement and the version details of the app. Besides these, you’ll be able to edit the sound settings for the game, like muting it and un-muting.
Leader Board:
Got a high score? Want to show it to friends to tease and challenge them? You can do so, you certainly can!! The game also includes a very comprehensive leader board showing high scorers on daily, weekly and all-time basis. Cool, isn’t it!!

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