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Rock Crush

Rock Crush

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Rock Crush - 2014 Special Edition

*NEW* - Version 5.0 is an enhancement to v4.0 - which was a MAJOR new update - see below for What's New.

Now a Universal App - Buy once and play on all your iOS devices!


Guide Diamond Dan around the screen and collect all the diamonds in each level.
There are 50 levels spread over 5 level packs of 10 levels each.
There is a linking Warp Zone - collect all the diamonds in this to complete the game!
Try to also get the high score of 99999.


You can go for either a time bonus for completing each level in the fastest possible time, or a perfect mining bonus for digging each bit of untouched earth on each level.
On some levels, a perfect mining bonus isn't possible so maybe the best idea is to go for the time bonus in those cases!
Go for speed when you can - it helps to learn each level but that will come with playing.
This is more a puzzle than an arcade action game but you can't stand still under a rock for very long!

Check out the new gameplay videos with hints below - this game is supposed to be played Fast!!!


Use the embedded keys in the walls to move. If Dan should get trapped, simply tap on him to end his current life.
Pressing Top Left tile will toggle timer display (showing current and record time for that level).
Pressing Top Right tile will toggle showing of embedded keys. (When hidden, they will still move Dan.)

iCade controller: Top right fire button toggles timer display. Other buttons kill Dan.

There are 3 graphical modes to try:

Original ZX81 graphics - a pixel perfect rendition of the original "High Res ZX81 Game" (choose either with or without sound for the ultimate experience!)
The 2001 Re-write Colour mode (Rock Crush was re-written for PC's at this time and featured Colour Retro graphics).
The 2014 Re-write Mode! Enhanced new modern graphics suited to the devices screen resolution!

Scoring and Rewards:

You Score 1 point for each piece of Earth mined, 2 for a rock and 35 for a diamond.
You score an additional 100 points for every sheet completed.
You score 125 points for every level pack key found.
*You can score a bonus of 150 points if you do perfect mining and mine all the earth in level.
*You can score a fast time record bonus of 120 points per sheet.
*There is a game completion bonus of 1500 points.

You lose 850 points for every life lost, except if you are on your last life, your score is 99999 and you blew yourself up!

You have 4 lives per game. If you complete a pack of 10 levels, you get awarded 2 extra men (up to a max of 4) and access to more diamonds in the Warp Zone.

*When game is over, level timings are shown for each level. When game returns to main menu, any updated data is then written to file.


Yes - A genuine ZX81 High Res game - in the App Store!

For all the Sinclair ZX81/Texas 1000 owners out there who may remember the original game - good news - this is a pixel perfect rewrite!
It's not an emulator but what you see on your iPad screen and how it feels is exactly pixel perfect to the original (when you select original ZX81 mode of course).
The first silent, black and white ZX81 game in the App store! What a selling point eh?
Ok, so at least you can play the modern modes as well but if you are a true fan of the original - try the silent black and white mode! Its quite peaceful!

Rock Crush was originally written by Steven McDonald, back in 1985 for the 16K ZX81 computer.
Those old enough to remember will recall the machine had a very Low Resolution black and white graphics display and had no sound.

Rock Crush used a special graphics driver that allowed a quality of display not normally possible! You see, the ZX81 generated its own TV display, so it was possible to play tricks and force the display hardware to do more than it was designed for by the original engineers.

This careful rewrite by the original author, features a ZX81 Emulation mode with the original graphics!

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What's New

Redesigned the main menu 2014 mode selection option and made it the default mode.

The main menu now remembers the mode you were in after each game ends.

Changed the default input mode to touch screen (iPad only).

Added a new Portrait mode (iPad only) which features custom top and bottom banners to match each game mode.

Fixed some graphical corruption issues.

All known bugs fixed and code optimised.

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