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Road Trip: Family Fun

Road Trip: Family Fun

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***Mom Review***- "We found 35 of the states, 98 yellow cars, and the whole scavenger hunt for NYC. We were all engaged. It made for a great road trip for all of us. It mixed technology and conversation without each member being isolated. LOVE IT!" - Bethany, Philly PA

Load up the Family Truckster and make your road trip fly by with this family friendly app packed with games, riddles, scavenger hunts, drawing, and much more! Fun for all ages.

What do I get with my purchase?

Word Games
• Word Creator- How many words can you create in 60 seconds with the word provided?
• Word Search- Find the words from the themed lists.
• Word Scramble- Unscramble the word(s) based on geography.

Scavenger Hunt
• Road Sign Bingo- When you see a road sign on your travels, cover it with a checker. Try to get five in a row.
• State Plate- Find license plates from as many different states as possible.
• Yellow Car- Split into teams and keep an eye out for yellow cars. Keep track of the score using the app.
• Scavenger Hunt- Choose a generic or city scavenger list and check off the items you see on your travels. (Cities include: Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Martha's Vineyard, and more)

• Checkers
• Tic-Tac-Toe
• Dots

Road Riddles
• Who Am I?- read the clues and guess which famous person throughout history they describe.
• Where Am I?- read the clues and guess where in the world the clues refer to.
• What Am I?- read the clues and guess what object, invention. or everyday item the clues refer to.

Fun Facts
• Read these fun facts about people, geography, presidents, and more.

Doodle It!
• Use the drawing pad and color choices for endless fun!

What's new

New Scavenger Hunts.


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