Planes, River Raid

Planes, River Raid

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Airplanes is a scrolling shooter videogame. The player controls an airplane in a top-down view over a river and gets points for shooting down enemy planes, helicopters, and ships. By flying over fuel-stations, the plane's tank can be refilled. The player can shift side to side with the gyroscope of the iphone or ipad and change the speed of the plane.
Sections of the river are marked by bridges.

Airplanes Game - Reviews !!!!

✔"love it" ~ Gorgy

✔"Want an epic game? Airplane game is epic!!"

✔"Takes me back. Best game ever!"

✔"Airplane GAME IS A TOTAL WIN!"

Airplanes - Features !!!!

-Gyroscope: Use the movement of your device to guide the airplanes left or right.

-Your airplane has Unlimited bullets!! Shoot helicopters, airplanes, jets and boats!

- 40 world.

- Fuel the airplane whenever you can to keep your enemies at bay.

-Play Airplanes against friends and other players from around the globe.

-Airplanes is super -the game saves the worlds you have already passed so you don’t have to play them again when you lose.

-Use the movement of your iPad or iPhone to guide the ariplane left or right and take out those enemy ships. You will be transported back in time to the good old days of gaming. This is one epic nostalgia trip that you won’t want to miss. If you remember Airplanes the first time around, be prepared for it to take over your life all over again!

-Take aim as you travel up the river looking for enemy ships, helicopters and balloons. Prepare to blast away as they get closer and closer. As the river bends and winds, you must make sure you fly over the water – don’t go too close to land or it will be game over!

-As you patrol your territory, keep a close eye on your fuel – taking out the bad guys uses a lot of juice! Keep your eyes peeled for fuelling stations and remember to fuel up whenever you can.
-The more successful hits you get; the faster the game gets and you will have fewer and fewer opportunities to refuel. It takes speed and accuracy to bring down your enemies and stay in the game. Have you got what it takes?

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