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Ravelous Lite

Ravelous Lite

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Ravelous sounds like a very, very simple game. Untangle all of the connected pegs, so no two lines intersect. Sounds simple, right? Now add the fact that each level has an increasing number and complexity of pegs, that the longer you take to solve it, the fewer points you get for each level, and that you're competing with the entire world for the global high score, and you get something else entirely.

And, of course, the game features extremely smooth and crisp graphics and animated effects, along with a perfectly fitting sound track, all of which add up to the best and most addictive execution of a simple but elegant concept.

Get Ravelous today and see how you rank against the rest of the world!

Please note that the Lite version ends after eight levels.

- Infinite number of levels.
- 4 different level styles.
- Cool animated effects.
- Fitting, mysterious soundtrack.
- Global high scores to rank yourself against the world.


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Aug 19, 2011
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