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Pyramid Solitaire Plus

Pyramid Solitaire Plus

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Ancient Egypt was a land where lots of card games were popular amongst people there. Trade routes that
linked Egypt with Europe made these games popular amongst people who travelled for business. One
such game is Pyramid Solitaire.

Now, unleash your card playing skills with Pyramid Solitaire. This is a challenging pyramid solitaire
game. The Pharaohs built the Pyramid of Egypt which are great land marks. You have got the reins in
your hands to build the Pyramid of Solitaire.

In this game, 28 cards are dealt out on the table, face up, in the form of a pyramid. Dealing begins with
one top card, then two cards placed directly underneath that card, slightly covering the top card, then three
cards dealt directly underneath that row, slightly covering the previous row. Dealing continues until 28
cards have been dealt out and there is a row of seven cards on the bottom row. The remaining cards are
set on the table, face down, to form the draw pile.

The player begins the play by selecting two exposed cards that is equal to 13 in value and removing them
from the pile. A King is worth 13 points, the Queen is worth 12 points, the Jack is worth 11 points, the
Ace is worth 1 point and the rest of the cards are taken at face value.

Game play continues using exposed cards until no more matches can be made, then cards are turned over
one at a time and used or covered by the next turn card. The goal is to pair up the entire deck of cards and
have all of the cards used.

The Pyramids and Pharaohs are ready…! Are you ready?

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