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Prohibition 1: Bootlegger

Prohibition 1: Bootlegger

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It's the Roaring Twenties - WWI is over, mass production made technology available to the middle class (cars, radios, movies), skyscrapers, woman's suffrage, King Tut's tomb was discovered, and...

Alcohol prohibition just started. Al Capone sent you to the east coast to set up shop. Your goal is to make as much money as possible in 52 weeks without getting killed or thrown in jail.

You'll battle Gustins Gang, 'Lucky' Luciano, Maxie 'Boo-Hoo' Hoff, Carlo Matranga, and might even have a chance to take out Capone.

Directions for Play
1. The basic idea of the game is to buy low and sell high.
2. Travel between the various cities to find deals on liquor.
3. Sell the liquor when the price is more than you paid to make money.
4. Pay attention to the news flashes for really good deals (buy or sell).
5. Some cities are controlled by mobster. If you try selling the booze in those cities, then you'll have to give the mobsters a percentage of your sales.
6. You can hire thugs and upgrade your weapons to fight the local mob to take over the city.
7. You can bribe, outrun or fight the cops. Just about all cops will take a bribe. The faster your vehicle the easier it is to out run the cops.
8. Buying a speakeasy will generate $5000 per week in revenue for you.
9. You gain a $5,000,000 bonus if you have a speakeasy in every city at the end of the game.
10. If you have a speakeasy in every city, have over 10 million in cash, and over 50 thugs, then you are presented with an option to take out Al Capone -- you have a small chance (20%) to defeat him, but if you do then you can double your money -- if you don't kill him, then he kills you and you lose all your money.

Visit the Forums if you need hints to beat the game.

What's new

OS 3.0 bug fixes.

Hint: Don't try to kill cops. It's about corruption of prohibition...It's much easier to bribe everyone.


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