monster battle hunter games

monster battle hunter games

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This is a simple and easy to operate entertainment games, suitable for you in the car, boring, leisure, or other scenarios to pass the time.

The operation of the game is very simple:
Game character will keep moving forward, the player through the sliding phone touch screen, control the direction of movement of the role.

At present there are two game modes: normal mode and BOSS mode.

In normal mode:
In the course of the game, players each pick up a coin will randomly appear a monster, with monster more and more bigger, the blood value will be more, more dangerous. At the same time, after the defeat of monster the gold award will be more.

Players pick up to 4 gold coins, will be appear a random props.Pick up different props, players will get different super power.

At the same time, players can upgrade the corresponding super ability in the store, in order to extend the duration of the super power, or enhance the scope of the role of super power.

In BOSS mode:
At the beginning of the boss mode as same as the normal mode, when game player each picked up to 25 gold coins, there will be a big BOSS. There are 4 different BOSS in the game, they attack in different ways, beat BOSS will drop gold chest, there are a lot of gold.

In the case of beating BOSS, props every 25 seconds automatically appear.

Special note: in the absence of shields, be sure to keep your character in a safe distance from the bullets of the monster and the monster, or you will lose your life.

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