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Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

       iOS Universal

** The most popular and most appreciated Nyan Cat game on iPhone/iPad!

"Awesome!" - prguitarman, author of the original Nyan Cat character
WARNING! The Nyan Cat game and music are seriously addictive! Play with Nyan Cat only at your own risk!

iTunes reviews (US and UK):
"Best, game, EVAR!" - Jamiejdjdjdjdj
"This is the beat of the nyan cat games" - Crazyboy4826
"This game is pro!" - Oseycyhycyg
"I can't stop playing this Nyantastic game" - Rossw123
"cute game thats fun to play! love the art style & glad it's universal! dont like cats, but i DO love this game!" - Starscream1017

In Lost In Space, you can do all these pure awesomeness:
Play with the most celebrated flying cat in human history. Drink milk, eat ice-cream, collect coins, buy gorgeous boosts, fly like a superhero (sorry... supercat), jump onto platforms made of cake, avoid angry dogs, and discover the infinite space. And that's not all, you can choose from multiple game modes, where you can play with Nyan Cat's evil foe Tac Nayn, learn to fly on different planets with Nyan Wings or visit parallel universes. If you're tired, you can even train and feed your own Nyanagotchi. Oh, and last but not least: you can enjoy the wonderful Nyan-song as many times as you want! All this funky stuff can't be missed. Or... Wait! Did I mentioned that we pay for you to play?

Features for Humans:
- tasty COLLECTABLES (energy drinks, donuts and more)
- crazy POWERUPS (rockets, bubbles and more)
- freaky POWERDOWNS (dynamites, flashlights and more)
- evil ENEMIES (dogs, UFOs and more)
- leaderboards & ACHIEVEMENTS (Game Center)
- stunning boost ITEMS (score miltiplier, shield and more)
- 5 GAME MODES, including Nyan Wings
- NYANAGOTCHI room: keep your Nyan happy to earn gifts! The happier he is the quicker you get your prize.
- Game Days - an opportunity to get a lot of coins for FREE - we pay for you to play!
- different background THEMES (Halloween, Xmas and more)
- different forms of NYAN CAT (Supernyan, Zombienyan, and more)
- universal app (supports iPad/iPhone/iPhone4/iPod)
- twitter and facebook integration
- iCloud backup
- unlocked themes and skin packs are synchronised between your devices via iCloud
- child mode
- nyan nyan nyan nyan NYAN nyan (nyan, nyan and more)

Features for Nyans:
nyan nyan nyan nyan POWERUPS nyan nyan nyan ACHIEVEMENTS nyan nyan SUPERNYAN nyan ONLINE HIGH SCORES nyan nyan RETINA DISPLAY nyan nyan nyan UNIVERSAL APP nyan BEAUTIFUL PIXEL ART nyan nyan nyan

Official Nyan Cat fan page:

What's new

Version 7.0 features dozens of newly added features, gameplay expansions, graphical improvements, and enhancements of the user interface, which makes the game more addictive and enjoyable than ever.

- ’80s neonpunk sci-fi setting for retro computer enthusiasts

- Comeback reward every day for all faithful Nyan-gamer
- Golden Donut: a flying golden donut (it really is!), which gives you a special something upon catch
- Big Nyan powerup: grow big and shake the world after Nyan Cat transforms into a large four-legged
- Pianyano powerup: play your favourite tunes and raise your combo score when every platform transforms into a piano
- Flower Fever powerup: plant colorful flowers and raise your combo score with each step after picking up the flower of flowers
- Disco Tour powerup: this party item brings back memories from famous Saturday nights
- Headstart boost: activate headstart to go right into the action and begin the play with 10.000 points instead of zero (cool handicap, huh?)
- Game Day is now playable in all Game Modes

- Particles everywhere: eat something, meet with the Golden Donut, make an explosion, pick up the Bubble powerup, or fall from great heights and you’ll see cool particles everywhere
- Shield boost appears on the head up display: now you can see the activated shield boost ingame
- Nyan Love, Supernyan, Rocketnyan and Magnets are visually more enthralling
- Nyan deaths & fallings are visually more dramatic
- UFO attacks are visually more scary
- Sicknyan powerup is visually more psychedelic
- Nyan trail changes it’s color depending on the activated power up & diamonds
- And much more

- Free coin options are now displayed on the Main Menu too
- Game Center access from the Game Over screen
- Floating texts are more visible during gameplay


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