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Based on I'm Destroyer, we present I'm Destroyer 2.
The new character style!
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Man Down, agility action game, classic reproduce on iPhone. This game requires you to have a good psychological quality, keen observation and flexible finger manipulation.

How to play:
There are five props in the game--transmission belt, stone, glass, nail and spring. You should use your finger to control the man jump left or right down the moving props. Before you jump, you should have a little bit of planning. When you jump to different props, you may get blood or lose blood. The more floors you down, the faster the props move and the more urgent background music is. What you need to do is to concentrate our attention on game. You can do it.

Add blood:
When the man jumps to the transmission belt, stone or spring, you get part of blood. Especially when the man jumps to the spring, you get more blood.

Lose blood:
When the man jumps to nail or touches the large nails wall, you lose blood.

When the man jumps to glass, the glass will be broken and disappear. The man needs to find another prop to jump down, or he will die. The game is over.

You can submit your scores to the global ranking.

Coming in the next version:
Add more props
Improve the details of game

Experience more exciting,please get the full version!

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游戏中共分传输带,石板,玻璃板,钉板和弹簧5种道具. 玩家需要用手指来控制小人移动的方向不停的在这5种快速移动道具中跳跃.跳跃到不同的道具物体上,会获取相应的生命值恢复和生命值损害,所以在跳之前还需要动动你的脑子.当玩家所跳到的层数越多,道具物体的移动速度也会越快,背景音效也会越来越急促,这所有的一切需要你打起12分精神来,全神贯注的投入到游戏快速的变化节奏当中来,体验心跳一刻!






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1. Game icon updated in order to have a better user experience.
2. Bug fixed to have a better performance.
3. New advertisement system upgraded.

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