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Luke Spotisode2 : Electrachittyboomfizzle

Luke Spotisode2 : Electrachittyboomfizzle

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It's not just a kids show - it's a Spotisode! Get a COMPLETE FIVE-MINUTE EPISODE of LIFEBOAT LUKE with each new App! Perfect for long journeys or keeping young hands and minds busy. Don't just sit there like a drifting dinghy; get those ogling gogglers jiggling joggingly!

Donaghadoo's shiftasneaky seadogs, Stanley and George, fling away their fishing rods in favour of deep sea salvage with the aid of a slaptrapclappadash crane-mounted claw. Unfortunately for the dim-witted duo, their mucky ship's lucky dip pulls up an deep sea danger - an undersea electrical cable! Hokey fyffe! Luke to the rescue!

Every Spotisode comes with a COMPLETE FIVE MINUTE EPISODE of Lifeboat Luke. Watch the episode, but keep your eyes open for the items in your Spotlist - a sock, a spoon, a schlump of seaweed, stuff like that. If you see one, tap the screen! There are 20 items to find in each Spotisode, so keep playing until you find them all!

Keep those gogglers agog for Spotisode 3: Delijelliwobblenobble!

Lifeboat Luke is a brave young lifeboat from the mad, magical, Irish seaside town of Donaghadoo. Luke, Ardal the Coxswain and the rest of the stalwart & steadfast crew are responsible for the rescue of the reckless, the improbable and the irresponsible.

Lifeboat Luke is an exciting search & rescue children's animation series. It's the first 52-part animation series to be produced entirely in Ireland, and is currently being broadcast in over 20 countries worldwide.

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