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Little Go is a free and open source iOS application that lets you play the game of Go on the iPhone or iPad. You can play against another human (on the same device), or against the computer. The computer player is powered by the open source software library Fuego ( The minimum requirement for running this version of Little Go is iOS 8.1.

- Board sizes between 7x7 and 19x19 (start a new game to change the board size)
- Let the computer player make a move for you
- Calculate the score at any time during the game (area scoring is the default, territory scoring can be selected at the start of a new game)
- Adjust the computer's playing strength and resign behaviour by selecting from a number of presets, or by fine-tuning advanced settings
- Play even games, or games with 2-9 handicap stones (fixed stone placement)
- Select from 5 pre-defined rulesets when you start a new game, or adjust game rules to your preference (komi, ko rule, area/territory scoring system, number of passes to end game, resume play by alternating/non-alternating play, four passes end game)
- View board positions for moves played earlier during the game (no support for game variations, though)
- Discard moves (aka "undo")
- Display move numbers and coordinate labels
- Zoom & scroll board
- Display player influence (aka territory statistics) for an estimate who owns an area
- Computer vs. computer game for entertainment
- Save & load games to/from the archive
- Use iTunes file sharing to transfer saved games to/from your iOS device
- Import/export game files from/to other apps on your device (e.g. Mail, DropBox)
- In-app user manual (text-only)
- Submit bug report email from inside the app (yes, this *is* a feature :-))
- For the technically inclined: Watch what happens behind the scenes when Little Go and Fuego talk to each other over the Go Text Protocol (GTP)

Your contribution in any form (coding, UI design, testing, bug reports, creating an app video preview, website design) is welcome - please contact me or visit the project website ( to find out more.

A note about the project state: Several years of development have gone into Little Go since its inception in January 2011. The app now has a feature set that is, I believe, quite nice :-) for a free program. My main focus will therefore lie on fixing any remaining bugs (of which I am sure there are plenty) and keeping the app running under future versions of iOS.

Little Go is released under the Apache License 2.0 (

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What's New

This is the Little Go bugfix release 1.4.1. It contains an important fix for a bug in Fuego that could cause Fuego to play a stone during the opening game on an intersection that was already occupied by a handicap or setup stone (#328). In addition, Little Go's error handling is now capable of dealing with such a situation so that user's are not stuck in a seemingly endless "computer is thinking" loop. Thanks to Mark Spurlock for reporting the issue and to Rob Wildschut for diagnosing the problem.

The previous release was the Little Go maintenance and bugfix release 1.4.0. It contains the following changes:

Known bugs
- On iPhone Plus devices as well as on iPhone XS Max, when the user navigates to the first or last board position most of the time the new current board position is not displayed with a special background color as it should (#326).

- Added support for loading and saving .sgf files that contain stone and/or player setup nodes (#323). This kind of .sgf files is frequently used for sharing board positions that teach how to play best in certain game situations, or that are puzzles to be solved. View the in-app Changelog for additional notes.

Improvements and changes
- The "New game" screen now displays a recommendation to use the area scoring system.
- The "Game info" screen now shows stone and player setup information.
- When the app is started for the first time after the update, two new GTP commands "list_setup" and "list_setup_player" are added to the user's list of GTP commands (Diagnostics > GTP commands).
- The way how an archived game can be shared was re-implemented. This may result in users now seeing different sharing options.
- The Changelog is now available in-app

- When playing with area scoring, the Fuego computer player now correctly includes handicap compensation in its score calculation (#319). Before this fix, the Fuego computer player was calculating scores without handicap compensation, which would lead to it resigning (when playing as white) even though it had actually won the game. Or it might not resign (when playing as black) even though it had actually lost the game. This serious bug was reported by dtsudo - thanks a lot!
- The app now synchronizes komi with Fuego when board positions are changed (#324). Up until now the app never synchronized komi. View the in-app Changelog for details how this omission might have affected gameplay.
- A bug in the board drawing routines was fixed which caused the app to occasionally crash (#308).

- White player influence is now shown correctly with white squares (#317). White player influence was erroneously shown with black squares since the release of version 1.1.0. Thanks for reporting this bug go to ecru86.
- Users that do not have automatic crash reporting enabled are now asked whether they want to submit a crash report (#321). The alert that asks for permission was accidentally disabled since the release of version 1.3.0. Because the alert was disabled, no crash reports were submitted at all unless the user had automatic crash reporting enabled.

Technical changes
- The project has been upgraded to the iOS 12.1 SDK (#314) and Xcode 10.1 (#315)
- Started migration from Twitter Fabric to Google Firebase (#320). A best effort has been made to disable all other Google services and to only keep Crashlytics enabled. Notably, Firebase Analytics data collection has been explicitly disabled!
- View the in-app Changelog to read about other technical changes

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