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“Lightning is a term used for either Blitz or Bullet chess, and is a general term for extremely fast chess. It can also refer to games with a fixed time (e.g. ten seconds) for each move. This also can be used for 1-minute games”. Wikipedia.

Lightning Chess is an iPad version of the game of chess where each persons moves are limited by the time allowed.

If you are looking for a chess game where you play against a computer, please do not download this game. There are many other games in the AppStore which have this feature. This game is strictly for two human players who want to play with a chess clock and have some fun!

I've adopted a fun interface using Emoticon Chess pieces. If a player runs out of time, a fart sound indicates times up!

Setting Up The Game

The Yellow player controls the setup of the game.

Touch the “Blue” entry field and enter the number of seconds allowed per move (The blue entry field is upside down from the yellow player). At the same time, touch the “Yellow” entry field and enter the number of seconds allowed per move.

Both players should press their blue reset icons to register their time limit in the black timer windows.

Press the “Start” Button on the bottom bar prior to Yellow making the first move. This will start Yellow’s timer. After completing the move, Yellow presses the joystick icon. This stops Yellow’s timer and starts Blue’s timer. Blue makes his move and presses his joystick on completion. This stops Blue’s timer and restarts Yellow’s timer.

This continues until the game is won, or a player runs out of time.

Action Button

You can save, load or print a screen shot by pressing the action button and pressing the appropriate button.

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