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*** Supported Device : iOS5 and up models , iPhone4 and up models***
*** Supported Language : English , Japanese***

This is Reversi wherein you fight in the face of boards with various walls and pillars related to Kyoto City, Kyoto-fu of Japan.
In ordinary Reversi, you take the opponent’s pieces by outflanking them.
However in this reversi, since each set of walls, pillars and/or ponds etc. are arranged for each board,
each battlefield (market) of the board may be divided, or may yield places across which we cannot outflank, or may yield places on which we cannot put any piece.
Therefore, this game requires new strategies and/or tactics which are different from those of ordinary reversi

Rule 1: We cannot outflank the opponent’s piece across wall, pillar and/or water.

Rule 2: We cannot put piece on water (river, pond, sea etc.).

Rule 3: When both cannot put anymore, the winner is those who has more pieces.

Rule 4: The score is the difference of number of pieces.

Rule 5: Human player is always “white” which puts a piece after “black (computer)”.

Rule 6: Player must dominate one board after another by defeating computer.

Rule 7: Several commanders appear on the way.

Rule 8: If you defeat a commander, commander level (depth of computer’s thought) will go up.

Rule 9: If you defeat computer with higher commander level, the score for the board will be higher, and total score also will become higher.

Rule 10: If you defeat computer for a board, you cannot play the board before ending whole game.

Rule 11: You can register your score of whole game if it becomes GAMEOVER i.e. when you lose all “life”s or clear whole game by defeating all commanders.

Rule 12: You can replay whole game by resetting data.

Let’s aim for the highest score of the world by creating original new strategy of your own !

Copyright (C) MaruseiSyoukai Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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