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Kill The Faces

Kill The Faces

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Captain, thirty hours ago the log buoy from the ESV Vikan was found.
In that log buoy was this message.

Captain's log begin recording...

Three weeks ago we entered the region of space known as the frontier. Our exploration of this region was going smoothly until three days ago. Was it really just three days ago that we detected something that should not exist. But they do exist and they are dangerous.

They attacked and quickly overpowered our shields and our weapons had little effect. I had no choice but to run. Run to where though, we are alone out here on the frontier.

With our shields critical and extensive hull damage we have managed to avoid large engagements in hopes of escaping. That was until yesterday. A large one appeared and completely overwhelmed us. It was far more powerful and better armed than any of the others.

The shields went down and the hull breached. 39 crewman including my XO are dead. Half the crew is dead and most of the rest are injured. We managed to get away and restored some defenses.

My tactical officer has adjusted our weapons to be more effective and that information is attached to this log entry. Our next engagement when it occurs will be different or it will be our last.

*** Alarm is heard in recording followed this: "All hands to battle station, Captain to the bridge. Emoticons detected and closing fast."

Oh well no one wants to live forever. Computer transfer my log including this entry to the log buoy and then jettison the buoy.

Captain's log end recording

Captain your mission is to take the ESV Nighthawk to the last known location of the ESV Vikan and determine the fate of that vessel. If necessary engage and destroy any hostile forces you may encounter. Good luck Captain!

- - - - -

Kill The Faces is a space shooter in which the Emoticons strike back. It is your job to destroy them all. Unlimited levels, player shop for upgrades and an infinite space model are just some of the great features waiting for you.

In the end there can be no Emoticons!

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