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ISP Survivor

ISP Survivor

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It's 5 o'clock on a Friday afternoon and the Chief has asked you to gather a few things for his last minute presentation.  You want to go home and watch Red Dwarf on the telly, but the Chief pays the bills and his will must be done!  Gather your three items, drop them on your desk, and then you're off to quaff a few beers and immerse yourself in the best show ever!

Join Miranda, Pitr, Greg, Mike, Sid and AJ as they trundle around the board collecting their items.  Pit yourself against the computer or play with your friends!  From 1-6 players you'll have a devil of a time collecting these three measly little items!  Watch out for Stef or you'll lose a turn!  The ever lovable Dust Puppy will help you go faster and Mr. Cola will give you a boost too!  Beat up other players for their booty with the Big Foam ClueBat or the Cheap Plastic LightSaber!  

Any way you slice it, you'll have a great time playing this awesome game conceived by Illiad and the folks at UserFriendly!

Note: Click on the Columbia Internet icon to read the rules and learn how to play!  

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What's New

You can't imagine our horror to find there were bugs, BUGS, in our code. While fixing them, we figured we should add a couple of enhancements. We think it's much better now and the riveting details are below.

We hope you enjoy the update! As always, feel free to email us with your comments/suggestions/bugs!

Issue: Swipe during startup leads to crash. This was seen during simulations, but not on the device. Regardless, it's squashed.

Enhancement: AI player can win for another player. An AI player could be trying to take an item from a player that is on that player's desk, but the AI could be holding two objects and need to drop one before picking up the desired object. Cue comedy music while AI player drops a piece that just so happens to be needed for the target player to win the game. Our QA team argued well into a bottle of wine whether this was a bug or not. The AI player isn't so generous anymore.

Issue: Winning game animation is jumpy. Fixed.

Issue: Winning game with messages queued up affects next game with those messages. Squashed.

Issue: Can be asked to end a turn twice and stop responding. This was a planets-are-aligned issue where putting Dust Puppy on you on your last AP and when you hold an object. Our QA team earned their pay on catching that one. Squashed.

Issue: End of game wasn't resetting game state for a new game properly. Squashed.

Enhancement: Added information icon on startup screen.

Enhancement: Information message boxes are now an overlay that don't detract from the game.

Enhancement: Don't notify for the start of every player's turn. This was voted #1 in our biggest annoyances for the game.

Issue: AI picking up cola can for the first time should not generate message about placing Mr. Cola. Fixed.

Enhancement: Allow random piece placement. The astute player would notice that AJ has the least amount of work to do. We now allow a selection during the game setup to place the pieces randomly. However: No piece will start on a desk and no two pieces will be on the same starting square.

Enhancement: Easy AI mode. Well, it turns out the AI was a bit stronger than we expected. After listening to some choice epithets from the QA team, we relented and added an easy AI mode. Now, this mode isn't trivial, but you may have an easier time winning.

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