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iSharpen Pencils Free

iSharpen Pencils Free

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'iSharpen Pencils' is a fun and exciting game for everyone in the family to sharpen lots and lots of pencils.
Show your pencil sharpening skill by holding your pencil in the sharpener for the right amount of time.

* Amount of time needed to sharpen a pencil depends on speed of sharpener and type of pencil wood.
* Speedometer shows the rotational speed of sharpener.
* 3 different pencil colors indicate the type of pencil wood.
* Colored bar on sharpener indicates when the pencil is fully sharpened.
* If you hold the pencil for too little time, pencil ends up partly sharpened.
* If you hold the pencil for too long, the lead gets broken.
* Score increases as you keep making fully sharpened pencils.
* Best score is saved for each type of game

* 2 Game Modes 'Badgulous' and 'Greentastic'
* 3 realistic backgrounds in each mode - School, Home, Office

'Badgulous' Games
* Earn a green badge when you make 10 fully sharpened pencils.
* Earn a trivia badge by answering 'pencil trivia' and learn about pencil history and pencil making.
* Don't worry if you end up with partly sharpened pencils or pencils with broken lead once in a while.
You will get more chances to master your pencil sharpening skill.
* When you make either 10 partly sharpened pencils, or 25 pencils with broken lead, scores reset.

'Greentastic' Games
* Show your pencil sharpening skill by continuously making fully sharpened pencils.
* When you sharpen too little or you break the lead, scores reset.


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