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Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal Parasites

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Margaret Atwood’s novel, MaddAddam is hitting shelves everywhere. Get this preview version of Intestinal Parasites (a game featured in the novel) for only $0.99 for a limited time.

Psychotic corporations have assumed government; policing, now a private service, includes equal parts judge, jury and execution duties; and for those who can afford it, healthcare is largely vanity and carnal pleasure focused. But it was when they started splicing puppies with goldfish to create the ultimate disposable gift pet (“sure to expire before the routine of care becomes tiresome”) that you knew you had to fight back.

Leaders of the biotech resistance cadre, MaddAddam have discovered that Intestinal Parasites, a “game” developed by Helthwyzer biogeeks and guaranteed to give you nightmares, started out as an internal simulation tool for a new, life-sucking and very real bug/drug release program. Helthwyzer, chief among the flagitious corporate powers is getting set to infect the public with a ghastly selection of mutating parasites in order to buoy their next quarter profits.

In true MaddAddam style, Helthwyzer’s Intestinal Parasites "game" has been hacked and now serves as the guide and cache of resources needed to steal Helthwyzer’s bioweapon gene experiment and deliver it to MaddAddam operations across the country.

This game-changing mission has been tasked to you, a trusted MaddAddam operative. Failure will result in millions of people (including you) dying an agonizing death as the barb-faced parasites reduce organs to festering pattymelts or perhaps they’ll eat through your brain and crawl out through your tear ducts. Success will allow the resistance to live on to fight another day.

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*** Still only $0.99 for a limited time! ***

* Improved responsiveness -- much better gameplay!
* Stunning new graphics -- looks fantastic on all devices!
* New skip feature -- get to gameplay faster!

Send us your feedback! All new levels coming soon!

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