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Have you ever played a game of Carcassonne where any of the following questions were asked?

"How many tiles are left?"
"Will any pieces fit in this space?"
"I need a straight road, are there any left in the bag?"

If you said yes to any of those questions, iCarc Lite is the next app you need to install!

iCarc Lite is a companion to the board game, allowing you to track which tiles are available for play, and track specific information about those tiles.

What iCarc Lite will do for you:

1. Displays a list of all available tiles (from available expansions) being used in the game.
2. As tiles are played, you select each one, which will reduce the number remaining.
3. A convenient badge displays the exact number of tiles that remain to be played.
4. iCarc warns you when you're down to the last 20 tiles.
5. Play with any combination of available expansions.
6. The odds of drawing a specific tile is shown next to each tile.


This is one of the most important features of iCarc Lite. Besides showing you a list of every tile left to play, it also has a special list that groups tiles by various tile details. For example:

1. How many cloisters are left?
2. How many inns are left?
3. How many dragons are left?

It goes further, and includes details on the edges of the tiles, letting you figure out easily whether or not there are tiles that can fit into a certain space. For example, you need a tile that has three city edges, and one road. A quick look at the Tile Details page will tell you how many tiles will fit into that space, and what your chances of drawing one of those tiles is.

What iCarc Lite will NOT do for you:

Important! iCarc Lite is NOT the actual game "Carcassonne". It is a companion to the board game (See "What iCarc Lite will do for you" above). In order to effectively use this app, you need the Carcassonne board game.

Expansions available for use:

1. Inns, Cathedrals
2. King
3. Festival

Many more expansions available in the full version.

Use iCarc Lite in either of these two ways:

1. Use it to keep all players informed of which tiles are available.
2. Track the tiles on your own to gain an edge for your game strategy!

Install it now, get some practice using it with your favourite expansions, and be ready for your next game!

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What's New

This version marks the first phase in improving the overall look and feel of the app, and an improvement in some of its functionality.

- Removal of white cell backgrounds, and the addition of a wood grain image to give the app a more "tabletop" feel.

- The information for each tile is simplified to only the number remaining and the odds of picking that tile next.

- Random selection of available expansions has been re-introduced.

- iCarc Lite is now iAd supported. If you find the app useful, please consider buying the full version.

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