Gems of War – Match 3 RPG

Gems of War – Match 3 RPG

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Show off your skills in Gems of War as you face off in Match 3 battles to free kingdoms, win rewards, wield powerful weapons, and unleash devastating attacks!

* Destroy Enemies with Magic or Might – match gems to build up special attacks or match skulls to use your brute strength
* Hunt for Treasure – test your matching skills by merging copper all the way up to a safe filled with rewards
* Never Lose Heart (or Energy) – true heroes have endurance so play whenever you want for as long as you want
* Collect Daily Bonuses – login daily to receive a free gift
* Lead or Join – start your own guild or join one and battle with friends to be the top guild in the league for fame and glory
* See What’s New – check out the weekly event to see what bonus assembling the winning team can get you
* Embark on Quests – unlock kingdoms and meet legendary characters who may join your team… if you survive their tasks

Fans Have Spoken – reviews from real players:

“This game is Awesome! Challenging and entertaining. Not just some gem or gummy game. Terrific find!”

“This is like the version of Puzzle Quest I never knew I wanted. Oodles of quests, challenges, guild activities, cool monsters, arena fights, ranked fights, and man I could just play that treasure mini game all day.”

“This is gems and fee to play done right. You don't need to spend money but if you can, you will. It won't make you overpowered, but you will have fun with it. The game play is great and varied. There are tons of different options.”

“Different than other match 3 games, very fun and addicting. Keeps me entertained for hours.”

“This game is FANTASTIC! I was a huge fan of the original game
"Puzzle Quest" and this game is created by the same people. The other "Puzzle Quest" sequels have been disappointments and I haven't enjoyed them. This game however, has the same great game play.”

“It's refreshing to see a game without timers or stamina. I can play this game for hours without needing to wait.”

“This helped cure me of candy crush.”

“Over the years, many games have come and gone on my phone. But this one is always there. Free. No ads. No limited-play "lives" (think Candy Crush). No real downside. Your standard colored-gem matching game with a wonderfully nerdy twist!”

“My wife almost leave me because of this game, and it happened twice. Nuff said.”

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What's New

New events and battles await you, but keep an eye out for Treasure Gnomes and new rewards that are up for grabs in our biggest update yet! See all the big changes below!
• Introducing 2 new Weekly Guild events: Raid Boss + Invasion, rotating weekly with the already available Guild Wars.
• Raid Boss – Guilds engage in a 5-stage raid using the weekly kingdom’s troops to take down an epic boss and earn equally epic rewards shared among all guild members.
• Invasion – Guilds engage in an 8-stage kingdom invasion, taking down 8 unique towers with specific troops types selected for that week.
• Also introducing 2 new Side Events: Bounty + The Vault, both accessible from the Games menu
• Bounties – Players will earn points competing in various battles to reach reward milestones.
• The Vault – Treasure Gnomes will now appear randomly during games, providing the opportunity for major rewards, or even a key to the Gnome Vault for even greater prizes.
• New shops based on Raid Boss, Invasion and Bounty modes are now available. Unique troops tied to each game mode will be made available through these shops.
• Introducing a new in-game reward called Orbs. Players will be able to acquire Rare and Greater Orbs, helping players advanced troops in various ways.
• Both the Troop Upgrade Menu and Hero Upgrade Menu have been reworked for a more streamlined experience and for the use of Orbs.
• UI updates have been made to various menus.
• Cards have been tweaked to convey additional troop information. Kingdom banners has also been visually improved.
• Mana Shield trait has gained Mana Drain/Steal immunity.
• 3 New troops types: Boss, Tower and Gnome – mainly used in new event system.
• Players can now play Explore/Quest battles again without going back to the World Map (must be level 20+)
• Fixed a bug where Explode spells were giving more mana than intended under certain conditions.
• Fixed an issue where Guild Guardian Names were not displaying in non-English languages
• Fixed an issue where the Troop Offer screen in Arena would cause the game to crash

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