Gems of War – Match 3 RPG

Gems of War – Match 3 RPG

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Show off your skills in Gems of War as you face off in Match 3 battles to free kingdoms, win rewards, wield powerful weapons, and unleash devastating attacks!

* Destroy Enemies with Magic or Might – match gems to build up special attacks or match skulls to use your brute strength
* Hunt for Treasure – test your matching skills by merging copper all the way up to a safe filled with rewards
* Never Lose Heart (or Energy) – true heroes have endurance so play whenever you want for as long as you want
* Collect Daily Bonuses – login daily to receive a free gift
* Lead or Join – start your own guild or join one and battle with friends to be the top guild in the league for fame and glory
* See What’s New – check out the weekly event to see what bonus assembling the winning team can get you
* Embark on Quests – unlock kingdoms and meet legendary characters who may join your team… if you survive their tasks

Fans Have Spoken – reviews from real players:

“This game is Awesome! Challenging and entertaining. Not just some gem or gummy game. Terrific find!”

“This is like the version of Puzzle Quest I never knew I wanted. Oodles of quests, challenges, guild activities, cool monsters, arena fights, ranked fights, and man I could just play that treasure mini game all day.”

“This is gems and fee to play done right. You don't need to spend money but if you can, you will. It won't make you overpowered, but you will have fun with it. The game play is great and varied. There are tons of different options.”

“Different than other match 3 games, very fun and addicting. Keeps me entertained for hours.”

“This game is FANTASTIC! I was a huge fan of the original game
"Puzzle Quest" and this game is created by the same people. The other "Puzzle Quest" sequels have been disappointments and I haven't enjoyed them. This game however, has the same great game play.”

“It's refreshing to see a game without timers or stamina. I can play this game for hours without needing to wait.”

“This helped cure me of candy crush.”

“Over the years, many games have come and gone on my phone. But this one is always there. Free. No ads. No limited-play "lives" (think Candy Crush). No real downside. Your standard colored-gem matching game with a wonderfully nerdy twist!”

“My wife almost leave me because of this game, and it happened twice. Nuff said.”

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What's New


Prepare yourselves for battle and level up your weapons. Are you ready to become the mightiest hero in all the land?


Enhanced Kingdom Power!

Venture through the lands of Krystara and rise up through the ranks! Complete 3 assigned tasks per Kingdom to earn your rank of “Kingdom Power.” You can now see your unlocked rank via a newly added indicator on the World Map.

Enriched Hero Classes!

Begin earning “Champion Levels” for your Hero! Unlock a Hero Class and begin to earn new Champion XP with every battle. Gain 1XP to your Champion Level for every Quest, Challenge, and Exploration you complete, and earn 2XP to your Champion Level for defeating foes in PVP, Arena, and Events. Hit milestone Champion Levels (ie: Level 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70 and 100) to begin choosing new Talents for your Hero!

New Hero Class Events!

We’ve introduced new Events that allow you to unlock the Hero Class. Class Events will run for new classes once they are released (3-day weekend events) and older existing hero classes (1-day events during the week). Defeat 5 Champions in any order and receive bonus rewards for Gold, Glory and Champion XP if all are defeated. You’ll receive free Sigils when you enter a Hero Class Event, and Valravens may drop more Sigils once you’re in battle!

Weapon Leveling!

You can now level your Weapons! The maximum level will depend on the rarity of your weapon. Common weapons can reach max Level 5, while Mythic weapons can reach max Level 10. Use new “Ingots” currency to level up. They come in 6 rarities: Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. Weapons have also been given a type and home Kingdom.
Check out the Weapon tab in the Troop menu to begin leveling up!

Check out the Daily Task system (formerly console exclusive), Guild Help menu and improved Guild Roster. Perks have been replaced with Talents via new Talent Trees. The Magic scaling part of a Spell description will now appear highlighted in dark, bold purple. Pet Rescue Events now display remaining time for the event in the menu. You can also reset your account password from in-game. There is a new tutorial for Account Linking to help players protect their accounts from getting lost – collect rewards for linking your account!

Issues with connecting to chat, Burning status blocking troop stats, Doomskull explosions sometimes denying 4/5 matches are among other minor bug fixes and improvements in this release.

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