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Carrier Landing HD

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***Carrier Landing iPhone only Version has been removed from App Store, please contact us by support email if you purchased the iPhone only version

***Due to the game's high-precision models and high-quality textures, please make sure your​ device meets the minimum requirements:
>>MINIMUM DEVICE REQUIRED iPhone 5s/iPad Air/iPad Mini 2<<

Challenge yourself to fly and land an F35C on the USS Gerald R. Ford! It's every pilot's dream!

Carrier Landing delivers near 100% simulation of the aerodynamic behavior of F-35C LightingII the first Stealth fighter of US NAVY. In the game, aircraft control is using an FBW system (Fly by wire flight control system) which is widely used by modern military aircraft. We use the most advanced flight control algorithms to implement the flight control system, as much as possible under existing references. With 100% real landing gear dynamic calculations, you can see in the preview video that touchdown dynamic performs very close to real video footage. We also implemented arrest wire dynamic simulation, which is not seen even in high-end PC flight simulation games. The game also supports screen recording(iOS 9 or later) so you can share your precise flying skills.
In future updates, more carriers and carrier-based aircraft will be added.
Enjoy the game that's the closest to a real military flight simulator.


1. Highly detailed and accurate 3D models and textures
2. Realistic aerodynamics simulation
3. Photorealistic rendering
4. 100% realistic looking and functioning HUD
5. Accurate grade system after landing
6. View replays of your landing with 8 shocking film-like cameras
7. Screen record and share(iOS 9 or later)
8. Cardboard VR support
9. Available aircraft : F-35C, A-7E , F/A-18C, F/A-18D


1. More Carrier - based aircraft including F14 tomcat, A6 Intruder, X47B, Rafale m, Su33, J15
2. More aircraft carrier

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What's New

This update is strictly not a update, but a completely reproduced App. I am sorry to have you waited so long time. For future evolution of this simulator, I have to redesign the entire architecture and then reimplement on the new framework.
This version is the initial version of the new framework, and there may be some bugs and incomplete, some of components that are not done on the new version, such as the VR model and the clouds in the environment. The following updates will get these done, New content can be added more conveniently in the new framework. I will add more aircrafts, carriers and scenery at the rate of one aircraft per month in the future. Of course, the simulator is far more than trap landing on carrier. During this period, I also tested weapon, radar and multiplayer module, I will try my best to bring you multiplay in this year.

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