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Exiled Kingdoms is a single player Action-RPG that allows you to roam freely through a unique world. It is an isometric game, inspired by some of the best role-playing games from the past decades; it brings back the old spirit of the classics in many ways: a challenging environment, choices with consequences, and a solid game system, with different paths to develop your character.

Explore the world: no one will point you to the best hidden secrets. Talk to hundreds of different characters, each with unique dialogues, and solve dozens of quests. Customize your character with dozens of skills and hundreds of different items. Overcome all kind of monsters and antagonists, choosing carefully the weapons or powers for each encounter. And return to the classical dungeon crawl, with traps and secret doors, and death awaiting the unwary adventurer behind every corner.

Forums and more information: http://www.exiledkingdoms.com

Free version: allows to play as a Warrior or a Rogue. It includes 15 areas, 16 completable quests (others partially completable), and many hours of gameplay, with a level cap adequate to the areas available. More free maps and content will be added with future updates.

Full version: requires a single in-app purchase, which unlocks everything, forever. No other activations are needed. Includes 73 areas, 61 quests (plus 130+ generated quests), hundreds of dialogues, counting over 100,000 words; approximately 70+ hours of gameplay, and more content gets added all the time. Additionally, the full version unlocks the Iron-Man mode (permadeath) and makes the Cleric class available.


A century ago, the Andorian Empire was destroyed by a magical cataclysm that brought The Horrors into our world; humanity was nearly annihilated. Many thousands managed to escape sailing away to the Imperial Colony of Varannar: a savage island, dangerous and unexplored. Mistrust and blame made impossible to elect a new Emperor, and the four Exiled Kingdoms were proclaimed.

Nowadays, the ragtag kingdoms still struggle to survive in a harsh land, often waging war on each other. Empire and the Horrors are, for many, just old legends and fairytales. You are a novice adventurer, rarely paying attention to such old stories; you're more concerned with your latest misadventures and lack of gold.

But for once, luck seems to be on your side. You received a letter from New Garand, stating that you are the sole beneficiary of a big inheritance. You don’t remember any relatives in the capital of the Kingdom of Varsilia, but certainly that won’t stop you from an opportunity like this! The road to New Garand will reveal many surprises, and will teach you that fairytales and legends can become, in fact, very real.

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What's New

This update includes improvements and fixes, no new content.

Balance and Adjustments

-Skill "Explosive Traps" no longer damages your party members.
-Skill "Two Handed Expert" level 3 improved; now it adds 2.5 times your STR to damage.
-Skill "Shield Expert" now costs less skill points: from 1/2/3 to 1/1/1. If you have the skill, you'll get the points back.
-Skill "Battle Rage" now gives a bonus to armor while active.
-Some creatures that didn't drop any loot now will. (wyverns, legionnaires)
-Base chance of gossip for rumors increased, and more daily attempts per inn available.
-Improved drop chances of certain armor sets like Tolassian Chain, Legion, Velites and Blessed Plate.
-Saving and reloading will no longer be "exploitable" to get better loot or gossip chances; upon a reload you'll almost always get the same results.


-Some gossip rumors about boss locations were erroneous. Fixed.
-Solved an old bug that could cause travelling merchants not showing their wares.
-Rumors about boss monsters no longer appear in your journal unless you do a successful first gossip.
-Fixed a crash that could happen when tapping on the "rumors" section of the journal.
-Fixed a crash that could happen after certain choice in quest "Honor among Thieves".
-At level up, the combat log was erroneously telling you gained more trait points than you really got. Fixed.
-Increasing your INT trait through items now correctly allows you to use scrolls with an INT requisite.
-Quest "The Restless Dead" didn't award any reputation with the Warrior's guild and gave less gold than promised; fixed, and granted retroactively if you already completed it.
-Fixed and adjusted various small UI issues.
-Fixed other rare crashes.

Previous update (Nov 14th)

Content and world changes/additions

-New areas: 1 new outdoor sector and 3 new dungeons including the Mausoleum in Deadwood. New guild halls in Freetown.
-4 new quests! find them in Freetown guild halls. This will also point you towards the new areas.
-Dragons, giants, and many more boss-monsters will now spawn at random hideouts through the world (level 11+ required). But be quick, and gossip around to learn their location before they are gone!
-Dozens of new items, including armor, weapons, and 5 new types of scrolls.
-8 new Advanced Sills available. The new trainers are in New Garand (Temple, Great Library) and in the new Freetown guild halls.

Features and improvements

-When you sell/buy/take/deposit stackable items, you can now select how many units.
-Vault quickbuttons added so you can switch between vaults quickly.
-Switch item position in vaults by tapping on one item, then on an empty slot of the vault (same as you can do with backpack)

Balance and Adjustments

-Maximum bumber of Advanced Skills per character raised to 8.
-More trait points per level for the player at high levels: 3 points/level from level 16 and onwards. If you already reached those levels, you'll get the extra points now.
-Rogue bonus to melee damage: gain +1 on level 1, then increases on levels 6,12,18 and 24.
-Rogue skill "Stab" improved. Rank 3 and 4 now does more damage and scales up better with level.
-Several items (in particular dragon loot) have been enhanced. A few items are now less powerful, but only for new drops (won't affect you if you already own the item).
-XP required to reach levels 21-25 now scales up more logically. It still progresses very slowly, as level 20 is considered the "soft cap" at which you can face all the end-game challenges.
-XP from disabling traps has been adjusted, and respawned traps no longer grant XP.
-Personality bonus to Spirit Resistance is now +2 per point instead of +5 per point.


-Stability improvements.
-fixed some script failures in devices with turkish language
-fixed an incompatibility between cloud-saved games between different platforms. It could corrupt some data when NPCs were added to the party.
-many other fixes.


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