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If you like word games, you’re going to love Durion. Think quickly, use the letters to make a word and beat the five second time limit. Develop your personal strategy, move lightning fast and rack up enough points to make the national and global scoreboards. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

★★★★★ Very addictive – a great game
“Played it for 2 hours non-stop after I got it. For the 5th star they need to get the rest of German changed to English in their GUI. OK they cleaned up the language problem! This is a must play.”
- iPoddian Maximus

You’re looking at the screen and your mind is racing through possible words that you can make from the letters sitting there. With a fingertip, you drag and drop this letter and that to build a great scoring word in just a few seconds flat.

When you first started playing Durion, you didn’t always come in under the timer but the more you play, the faster and sharper your mind seems to get. You’ve got speed and strategy, now. You’ve got game!

If you want an idea of how to play Durion, think Scrabble on steroids. You’ve got only five seconds to make the highest scoring word you can from the letters you’re given before letters disappear and are replaced by new ones.

Don’t worry if you don’t like one of the letters. Just throw it away, but take care! They produce minus points and you lose your score multiplier, which only appears and raises if you create one correct word right after the other. This multiplier may increase your word values to a much higher level.

After you’ve played Durion for a bit, you’ll develop a personal strategy that will help you play longer and collect more points. This is important because the more correct words you form, the more your playing time increases. Be warned though, after a certain time, letters will appear faster. Think you can keep up?

Keep honing your skills, mighty word builder and you can get your name on the national and international scoreboards for the world to see.

Check out the Durion features!
* Extremely fun and addictive!
* Provides mental challenge and sharpens brain power
* Innovative and intuitive
* Easy-to-use interface
* Quick drag and drop controls
* National and global highscore lists
* Facebook Connect
* Lots of bonuses!

Why are you sitting there missing out on all the fun? Download Durion now for fast, stimulating game action. Once you’re hooked, you’ll want to use the app’s Facebook Connect feature to challenge your friends and brag about your high scores. Think they can do as well as you?

Have fun sharpening your skills. We’ll be watching for you on the Durion leaderboards!

This is the Lite Version of Durion. You can only play for 90 seconds and the hiscore submission is disabled. Additionally you'll see a short ad for the full version at the beginning!

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