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Greeting to all RPGer, especially to GMs!

Did you sometimes forgot your dice bag at home?
Or did you missed more dices to roll while your favorite dices already were active on the table?
Are you the GM and you need every time hordes of dices to complete versus your munchkin players?

Finally here is the app which works like a digital dice bag to you.
The critical benefits:
+ it weights times less than a full filled dice bag;
+ you will hardly forget this "dice bag" at home;
+ it is compatible to many(!) role-playing game systems;
+ AND you don't need to calculate out loud your dices, this app do it silent for you and extremely fast!

Other nice features:
+ simply type your command of dices like you would use your real dices in-game, like 2d100+5d20+3d6+24;
+ use favorite dice keys: d100, d20, d6;
+ do you need a dice with special number of faces, like d2, d3, d4, or d1000? Press the dX button and put the number of sides you need;
+ of course you can combine all these dices in one line;
+ FINALLY press Roll to get the result;
+ ONCE MORE press Roll to re-roll the line of dices, so easy!

Have fun using this app on your next RPG session!

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