Candy Drop Jungle Run

Candy Drop Jungle Run

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It's a Jungle out there, only this jungle is full of nourishing sweets like candies, gummy fruits, cookies, and jelly beans. You might wanna order some hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza just to balance out the sugar rush. That's what Candy Drop Jungle Run is... a sweet, highly addicting sugar rush and best of all it's calorie-free!

How To Play

1. Follow the prompts. When the game starts you are running through the forest and you must tap the screen in the correct spot to jump over monsters, traps, and obstacles.

2. There is a health bar that tells you how much life you have. If it turns red you need to jump and collect candies that will restore your life.

3. Race as fast as you can successfully running and jumping over all obstacles replenishing your health as you go, to make it to the next level.

Pretend this is Jungle survival 101. You'll learn how to use trees for shelter, essential cooking skills , and how to keep your body being a fit temple with all the running and jumping. Most importantly you'll learn the feel good skills it takes to run your very own successful monkey buisness. So invite all your school buddies, boys and girls to play.
And join in the fun!

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