Bubble Ghosts!

Bubble Ghosts!

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Vlad the Vampire bat has this crazy idea!

One day, Vlad was wandering through his local arcade cabinet rubbish dump looking for something to do and discovered a secret stash of glass Bubbles. Each Bubble contained a number of Ghosts frozen in time...

He had an idea! If he could safely break those bubbles and release the ghosts then they would go back to their arcade machines and the retro world will be reborn.

He hid under a log and threw a bubble in to the air. It slowed down and stopped in the air like magic. He threw another, crashing into the fist bubble and then another until the bubbles broke and the ghosts were released...

As he worked his way through the piles of rubbish, he found pinball bumpers, metal balls and other parts, which he could use to make the task easier. 

With so many bubbles to break, he needs your help to complete the mission. Can you rise to the challenge and bring back those classic retro days?

Complete all 15 very challenging levels to unlock a secret game. As the player arrow rotates, touch the screen to shoot a glass ball.

1. Fantastic challenging game.
2. Lots of things to smash so vent your frustrations.
3. Smash 10 glass bubbles to complete each level.
4. Use items on screen to help build points.
5. Break more than one bubble together to earn bonus fruits.
6. Avoid ghosts but hit other characters to get points.
7. Put bubble in hole to get metal balls to smash other bubbles with one hit.
8. The game is a cross between Poppy’s fruit bubbles, Pinball and Pacman.

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