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Irides (Blocks2)

Irides (Blocks2)

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Do you like puzzle games such as Dr. Mario or Numba? Do you enjoy falling block games like Tetris or Lumines? Then you are going to love Irides (formerly Blocks2)!

Irides is a stunning puzzle action game that takes the genre to a new level. The basic game play consists of rotating and placing falling blocks so that at least four equally colored squares touch on the play field. You can increase your combo size by adding more equally colored squares, but you will have to act quickly, before the time bar is full and the squares are deleted from the playfield - in exchange for valuable points, of course!

The latest version of Irides (1.2) brings you the FOLLOWING FEATURES:
• Three different control schemes: Gestures, Digital Pad / On Screen Buttons and Dragging, resembling EA's Tetris® controls
• Three different levels of difficulty
• 28 carefully designed levels to unlock, discover and master
• Each level has its own mission or puzzle challenge
• Beat your own and your friend's high score in the "Endless Mode"
• Build the biggest combo and impress your friends
• Find 4 hidden bonus levels
• Use more than 15 different powerups and special squares
• OpenFeint 2.1 integration with online high score lists, achievements, chats and social networking capabilities
• Play your own music: Turn off in-game music, play your iPod and still enjoy the in-game sound effects!

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What's New

Blocks2 has been renamed to Irides, short for Iridescence, a 'play of lustrous, changing colors'. More awesome name, more awesome features:

• Improved, too awesome to be true, graphic effects
• Improved, never seen before, performance and frame rate
• OpenFeint 2.1 integration, featuring a cleaner visual interface
• Third, alternative input scheme resembling EA's Tetris® controls. Use the sensitivity slider to tweak. Now, one control scheme for every day of the week (almost)!
• Customize the gesture controls to alternatively drop blocks with a swipe
• Earn bonus points for clearing the whole play field or completely eliminating all squares of one/two color(s).
• Squished some minor bugs

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