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Big Booty Lite

Big Booty Lite

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Big Booty is a new, ingenious, and deliciously addictive puzzle game where you match beautifully rendered precious gems, jewelry, and doubloons to fill your pirates chest to the brim!

If you've enjoyed playing games like Bejeweled and Trism in the past, then Big Booty is a MUST HAVE!

If not, then its probably due to the fact that you've been hungering all these years for a game like Big Booty!!!

This LITE version allows 2 levels of gameplay. To get unlimited play in FreePlay and Challenge modes, buy the full version now!


* A wide variety of beautifully rendered gems and other booty to collect in your pirate's chest.

* Unlimited dragging fun - no restrictive "swap the neighbouring tiles" here!

* Simple to learn - just gems, diamonds, skulls, bombs and wildcards

* Detailed and illustrated instruction pages

* 2 game modes - Free Play (untimed) and Challenge (timed).

* Online Local and Global leaderboards (via Geocade(tm) scoring system).

* Long list of achievements to strive for!

* Save and continue any time!

* Vivid and melodic sound effects with volume control.

* Listen to your favorite iPod music while playing!


* When 4 gems connect, they are added to your booty.

* Match 4 only and a skull will be created. If 4 skulls touch its game over, so play strategically and always match 5 or more to stay in the game.

* Match 6 or more at once to create diamonds worth massive points.

* Match 4 or more diamonds to create bombs which you can use to blow away skulls before you are overwhelmed.

* Match wild cards and they will turn neighbouring gems into the matched gem. Leverage this for higher multipliers or use it strategically to clear skulls.

* Every 300 booty matched begins a new level which clears away all existing skulls.

* Free Play mode is untimed - take your time, play strategically, and manage your skulls.

* Challenge mode is timed - you are challenged to match a particular gem while the global countdown ticks down to zero. Each time you make a match you gain another 5 seconds on the global timer. The timer resets each time you complete a level (by matching 300 booty).


* Drag skulls away from each other to reduce the chance that 4 will connect. Keep a close eye on those dreaded skulls or they'll be the end of ya!

* Use wild cards with diamonds to gain big points!

* Use bombs to blow away skulls earns whopping points!!

* Check your achievements list for a glimpse of what you can expect to gain!!!

* And most importantly of all, have fun! and enjoy building up your precious booty :)

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