Beauty barbecue shop 2017

Beauty barbecue shop 2017

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Is a distinctive game barbecue shop in the game, in the game you want to bring hungry people with delicious barbecue. Spicy pork, grilled fish, grilled chicken, roasted mushrooms, seafood ... so much ingredients in your elaborate barbecue become more delicious and delicious, to meet the taste buds.

Here you can according to their own preferences DIY super delicious ice cream, first choose a different barbecue grill and other barbecue utensils, choose BBQ ingredients, there are different types of fresh vegetables and variety of meat waiting for you to match. Then you can choose the favorite color of the tableware, and slowly taste your delicious food it. Here, we also for you with a delicious snack and drink yo, come and call a small partner to play together!

How to play:
Open the game, you can see a few different game levels, choose an entry, open your barbecue cooking trip it
Click on "Play" to enter the game, enter the game and click on the bottom of the screen barbecue ingredients, cutlery, cookware, cake and other buttons to switch you want. When you're done, click the "Show" button at the top right of the screen to show your work to your friends.

Game features:
A variety of barbecue ingredients you choose
The taste of the cake and the drink is so much that you can not think of it
Various scenes are free to switch

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