Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

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Report to the Bridge!

Artemis is a multi-player, multi-device networked game for IOS devices. IT IS NOT A SINGLE-PLAYER GAME; IT'S FOR FRIENDS IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER.

Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computing devices together. One device runs the simulation and the "main screen", while the others serve as workstations for the normal jobs a bridge officer might do, like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control.

Artemis is a social game where several players are together in one room ("bridge") , and while they all work together, one player plays the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn't have a workstation, and tells everyone what to do.

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What's New

Many small bug fixes prompted by you, the awesome player.

Gun camera indicators have been fixed.

Fighters and carriers have been implemented, as a first pass. The Medium carrier holds 5 fighters; the dreadnought now has 2.

Changed the overall difficulty of the game in several ways, including:
--Making the enemy ships at higher levels hit a bit harder
--Making the enemy ships at higher levels faster and more maneuverable
--Making enemy fleets move as a group more intelligently
--Making the enemy skaraan ships more troublesome, with a new shield-vampire ability (IF they also have shield drain, the drain reinforces their own shields)

anomalies are now scanned on Science like ships and monsters. Science can now identify the type of anomaly.

The game master console now cannot be shared; only one client (connected to a server) may be the Game Master.

Made a completely internal change that affected many parts of the code. I was using a variable improperly (from a code-safe POV) and fixing it required many small
changes throughout the code.

Fixed a problem causing crashes when monsters were killed. This problem would leave extra derelicts lying around, and turn piranhas into classic monsters.

Accepted the vesselData.xml changes suggested (and produced) by ryleyra.

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